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Technology is the way progressive for online businesses. Why not share your expertise by guest blogging on technology blogs to highlight awareness of this emerging trend.

You will obtain the benefits of being a guest blogger by establishing yourself as an authority in the industry. On top of that, you will build social proof, create a robust online presence, develop new relationships with bloggers and readers and rank better in the search engines.

All you need to do is meet the criteria set out by the technology blogs below and submit your best work as a guest blogger. 

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You can write an article that relates to the categories

  • Technology, Cryptocurrency, Internet, SEO, Gadget, Software
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  • Posts should be 1000 – 2000 words.
  • Longtail keywords are preferred.
  • An article should have proper formatting, headings, sub-headings, images, graphs, tables, etc. to provide additional value.
  • The article should comply with the Google Webmaster Guidelines.
  • Mostly we assign content ideas from our end.
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  • The articles should be easily readable and divided into sections with subheadings.
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  • We like lists and tutorials and advice for small business.
  • Finally, all links in the post should be to relevant and quality websites.
  • Please include an author byline.
  • We appreciate you linking back to your post in your future articles – so please write something worth linking to.
  • Unnatural outbound links will be removed without prior notice. We are bound to comply with the Google Webmaster Guidelines.

We are selective about what posts we publish. Your writing should be well written, interesting, unique and informative.

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Why Guest Blogging is important in SEO

If you are a blogger and have been into blogging for quite some time, then you would have surely come across the term “Guest Blogging”. When it comes to SEO, Guest Blogging is an important part you cannot avoid. Guest Blogging is an amazing way for new websites to rank up in search results and start building authority online. In this article, you will learn what is Guest Blogging and why Guest Blogging is important in SEO.

What is Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging, also known as “Guest Posting”, is the act of contributing an article to someone else’s blog/website in order to build links, authority, relationship and gain benefit from it. For a long time and still, Guest Blogging has been the best way to rank up a new website in the search results. Many bloggers do guest posting on bigger sites from their niche (Industry) and by linking their own article on these posts, they build quality backlinks.

These guest blog posts help build you the authority for your website and bring some quality traffic to your own blog from the bigger sites in your niche. With guest blogging, you can earn yourself an active organic audience who will like to read your content.

If you write the right content for a site with a huge audience and authority and it ranks on the first page, you can build yourself a quality backlink which will affect your overall ranking by a huge margin. Since one of the factors which Google uses to rank websites is backlinks, having a backlink from one of the top sites in your niche will help Google recognize your website and rank it higher.

But, how do you find blogs which are accepting guest posts? All blogs do not accept guest posts which makes it difficult to find blogs that do. Let us see how you can find Guest Post opportunities on blogs related to your niche.

Find Guest Blogging Opportunities

The first question which anyone after learning the pros of Guest Blogging is how to find guest blogging opportunities. You are ready to write articles for someone else’s blog but the problem is how are you going to find the blog.

Blogs should meet the following criteria before you decide to write articles for them:

  • The blog owner is active on social media platforms
  • It should be based or related to your niche/industry
  • An engaging audience which shares posts on their social media.

Your blog’s niche should be the same or have some relation with the other blog for which you are going to write. For example, gaming-based articles can appear on tech blogs depending on the content. But, if you try to post an article on a blog with no relevancy to your blog might just end up hurting your rankings. So, how to find blogs in your niche which are accepting guest posts.

Here are a few ways to find blogs who accept guests posts:

  • By searching on Google

When it comes to finding blogs, Google is your best friend. There are tons of blogs out there and a whole lot of them accept guest posts. You can search for the blogs in your niche which are accepting blog posts. Just search for “keyword” accepting guest posts. “Keyword” guest posts or similar search queries and replace “keyword” with your niche term.

technology + “write for us” + guest post

Business technology write for us

Write for us technology content post

Technology guest post

technology + “write for us” + guest post

Submit guest post Technology

Technology write for us” + guest post

Technology blogs that accept guest posts

Contribute to technology guest post

technology blog “write for us”

business technology + “write for us”

Technology write for us and r=h:com

Digital marketing write for us

Digital marketing write for us

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You will get a ton of blogs who are accepting guest posts. Check out blog’s guidelines for guest posts and contact the blog’s owner or admin for more details before you start writing.

You can use this same method and search on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

  • Check out Competitor Backlinks

In blogging, you will have competitors in every niche. But, that can be a good thing. In this case, you can monitor the backlinks of your competitor and check which site they are linked to. Most times these sites accept guest posts. Writing guest posts for these sites will help you get an edge over your competitors.

Using these methods, you can find yourself blogs who will love to accept your guest posts and you will be able to build some strong links, But, you need to know why link building is important before you start writing guest posts.

What Is Link Building & Why Is it important?

Link Building has been one of the first steps of SEO for a long time. Link Building is the process of getting quality links directed at your blog from bigger authority sites in order to improve search results rankings. Link Building can boost your rankings if done correctly. Search engines use links to find new web pages and determine their ranking.

Links from big authoritative sites are like a “Vote of Confidence” which lets search engines know that your site is worth ranking. There are billions of sites available out there which are competing against each other. Building links is the best way to stand out from the competition. It is the first step you can take to start building a brand. Quality content will help visitors identify your brand and its knowledge in the field.  If your guest post ranks well, then you may end up getting tons of quality referral traffic from the source site.

Guest blogging allows you to build links and make strong connections with other blogs in your niche. When you are writing a guest post, always try to write the best content possible related to your niche. Your aim should be able to rank that article as high as possible on the first page of search results.

Link Building is a tough skill to master but with Guest Blogging, you will be able to create some quality links easily. Happy Guest Posting and Link Building!