Best Tips for Selecting the Greatest Sneaker Proxies

Sneaker bots are essential in this wild shoe market, regardless matter whether you’re a devoted sneakerhead or just a hypebeast getting started. The best sneaker proxies are just as important in the search for a new best item as a good bot. If you want to keep one step ahead of your rivals, you need to know which sneaker proxies work best and how to use them.

What’s a sneaker proxy?

Sneaker proxies aren’t any different from other proxies in this regard. A sneaker server will receive your connection request and then modify your IP address in the process. To be honest, getting banned is more a result of having too many chores and not enough proxies to cover them all.

A proxy network that grows with your workload is essential. Locations are also essential. The more brands you are cooking, the more locations you must reach around the world. A worldwide proxy network with geo-targeting is particularly useful in this case.

Let’s have a look at the four main characteristics that distinguish certain proxies from the rest before you get your ass kicked out of SNKRS or any other cooking site.

Select residential proxy

Residential proxies are always the best sneaker proxies. Because they appear to be real devices, they are unlikely to be prohibited or identified.

Residential proxies are far superior in terms of speed and security. To make matters worse, they all share the same IP address, e.g.,, and so on, which makes it difficult to distinguish them.

Build up the max speed

When it comes to making sneakers, every sneakerhead has a reason for being so speed-obsessed. In the blink of an eye, limited-edition sneakers sell out. You’ll have an advantage over the competition if you use a rapid bot. Your chances of securing the shoes diminish with every millisecond of delay. As a result, your bots and proxies must both be ultra-fast.

Residential proxies are slower than datacenter proxies because we’re talking about residential proxies here. The proxy network in which these IPs are located determines the speed of the connection for each residential device.

Our unique rotation system ensures that approximately to 99 percent of the proxies in the pool are active and have a low ping at all times, making it ideal for limitless sneaker tasks. When it comes to residential proxies being quick, other providers don’t want to talk about it. You only need some skilled coders to get the job done.

Consider geographical targeting

IP addresses from a certain region can be used for geo-targeting, a characteristic of location-based advertising (i.e. city, state, or country). Sneaker proxy service providers should provide this capability because it gives you the shortest distance between your server and your destination site.

For example, if you’re cooking Nike, the first thing you’ll likely think of is Nike shoe bots. However, Nike bots aren’t sufficient. You’ll need proxies to protect your IP address from being blocked by bots.

Proxy servers located in the same city as Nike’s are a no-brainer. In the absence of a solid proxy network, you may come across proxy providers who sell geo-targeted proxies for hyped releases, but they never have the capacity to cover all releases.

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