The Ultimate Guide To Get Positive Reviews For Your Salon Business

Customers’ reviews are the insights and information given regarding your salon services and products. In today’s world, the internet has assembled communities and interconnected the customers. Although the clients do not know each other, they help one another by sharing reviews of the products online. It can be in the form of star ratings, comments, or grades.

Nowadays, most customers trust online reviews and then likely visit the websites. Therefore, to enhance your salon business, owners need to make sure of the positive reviews for their services and products.

So, here in this article, we are giving you some tips on how to receive positive reviews for your salon business.

Tips To Earn Positive Reviews For Your Beauty Business

Ask For The Reviews

The case of asking for reviews arises when you find that a client is grateful for your high-quality and excellent services. Most people use mobile phones to post reviews, so it is a perfect way to ask for reviews through messages. It is because there are more chances that a customer will open the link and reply immediately to it.

In addition, you can utilize software to ask for reviews through SMS. Using the Salonist salon management system that has the feature of review services, the salon owners and employees can send a text message to the customers. For example, “Thank You For Being Our Client”, “Please Give Your Reviews On Our Website”, etc. After that, send the website link to a customer through SMS.

Good Services Or Products

What matters the most is assistance and the quality of your salon products. If customers do not meet their expected services or products, this will be an obvious reason to get away from your salon. They can give negative reviews of your business on social platforms.

As a consequence, you will start losing the existing clients as well as the new ones. The new customers will not get attracted to your services or products after seeing business reviews.

However, your salon appearance, advertising, and furniture will do no wonders if your services are not appropriate. So, hire a professional hairstylist or makeup artist who will be capable of providing the best assistance. Be attentive to your customers so that they would feel they are valued and essential for your business.

Moreover, nowadays, people are busy with their job life and don’t have much time to visit the salons and wait several hours for their turn. So, establish the salon booking software in your salon business so that it eases online booking and appointment scheduling. With such a seamless facility, the booking process can be made easy and that will attract more customers to your salon.

As a consequence, the clients will be happy and satisfied and give positive feedback for your services. From here, the journey to create a good reputation for your salon business can start.

Reviews Through Pictures

Nowadays, the most effective way to gain the trust of clients is by posting pictures with reviews. For example, if a hairstylist posts client’s picture having an amazing hairstyle with good reviews on it, there are more chances of gaining new clients.

Taking another example, a makeup artist can post a picture of a customer having makeup done with the details of the product used. This will make it easy for the clients to know about the effectiveness of your products through a picture and existing reviews on them. Thus, it will help the clients to trust your services or products.

Gaining new customers and making them happy with your services or products results in earning more positive reviews. Hence, it is the simplest and ideal way to get good reviews for your business.

React Graciously To Positive And Negative Reviews

It is not enough to request the reviews only. People expect that the salon managers and employees engage and communicate with them online as they like to feel noticed and heard.

If some customers post positive reviews regarding your services, acknowledge them directly by replying to them. Give a sincere Thank You message and be grateful to them for giving the time to post their review. For instance, mention the name of that respective client and write” We are delighted that you like your new hair color. It was our pleasure to assist you”, “We are so happy that you appreciated our French manicure”, etc. Taking efforts to communicate genuinely will surely be rewarded.

On the other hand, if you receive negative reviews for your services or products, take into account that it is absolutely normal. It is a fact that nothing is permanent and perfect. Today you might be getting bad reviews for your salon business but someday there will be positive reviews for sure.

The salon owners and employees should always accept negative comments. In addition, don’t act like you are defending yourself. Make neutral statements as it will make you look considerate. For example, “We respect and admire all the reviews of the clients even when it is hard to listen”.

Moreover, if it’s regarding the complaints, text, “We are feeling so sorry that your experiences with our services were not good” or “We will try to improve our services to help you with something good”.

Furthermore, don’t argue with clients on an online platform as it will not turn out to be right for you and leave a bad impression of your salon. So, learning the positive as well as negative reviews from the clients will force you to bring about some changes in your services or products.


Earning positive reviews is a significant way to enhance your beauty industry. It will make you delighted and enthusiastic knowing you are performing well in your business. Additionally, you will improve and do much better to enhance your services or products to meet the best needs of your customers.

Thus, with a better improvement in your salon business, there will be more chances of customers being attracted to your services and products. As a result, there will be positive reviews for your salon or spa businesses.

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