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If you are strict in terms of the budget? No worries this is the right place for you, Let’s start!  By setting the balance upfront, Best Prepaid Cards and debit cards will help you manage your spending. Notice that it is not the same for Best Prepaid cards and current debit cards as for credit cards. Check out these Best Prepaid Cards deals prepaid cards enquiry system from our partners if you’re looking for a credit card but are concerned about a low credit score.

A perfect alternative to standard bank accounts is Best Prepaid Cards (debit). Without the overdraft fees, many offer the same functionality as a bank account: online bill transfers, smartphone check deposits, and direct deposit. There are excellent features and bonuses of all the Best Prepaid Cards on our list; some also allow you to build sub-accounts for their Best Prepaid Cards.

Scan the fine print many times if you plan to get the Best Prepaid Cards. Some Best Prepaid Cards have loads of penalties for not using the menu recently, including annual fees, ATM withdrawal fees, loading fees, balance request fees, purchase fees, and even dormancy fees often referred to as inactivity fees.

Best Prepaid Cards Paid & Free

There is multiple best current debit card available which can operate online easily, while in this article we have listed down top 5 best Prepaid cards like greenlight card for you! Take a look, please!

#1. American Express Serve FREE Reloads

American Express Serve FREE Reloads

The models of Best Prepaid Cards the American Express Serve are included on our list. This one charges no reload costs, which is a bonus if in a single month you need to do several cash reloads. The reload network includes CVS Pharmacy, Dollar General, Family Dollar, Rite Aid, Walmart, 7-Eleven, and others and has over 45,000 locations. There’s no charge for adding money from a bank account either.

You can have access to free online payment of bills, protection against theft, and free early direct deposit. If you order online, the card itself is free, or $3.95 when bought at a store. The card substitution is $5. There are free sub-accounts and customer support. If you use a MoneyPass ATM, ATM withdrawals are free. Otherwise, you’ll incur a $2.50 ATM fee.

  • Card Purchase Fee: Free
  • Monthly fee: 6.95 dollars
  • Reload Fee: Nil
  • ATM Fee: Free
  • ATM with MoneyPass; $2.50

#2. Starbucks Rewards Visa Prepaid Card Starbucks Rewards Visa Prepaid Card

Visa Prepaid Card Starbucks Rewards Can be used anywhere Visa is approved to receive Starbucks Rewards. Earn 1 Star for every $10 spent everywhere you buy on the card. As low as 25 stars (which you collect after paying $250 on your card) can be exchanged for soda modifiers. As long as your account is open, Your Stars won’t expire.

No monthly, yearly, or reloading fees are charged on the bill. On the Chase Mobile App, you can keep up with your balance. You can’t make ATM withdrawals with this card. At least $25 must be loaded from a Chase checking or savings account or other financial institution’s current debit card.

  • Purchase Card Fee: Zero
  • Subscription Fee: Zero
  • Reload Fee: Nil
  • ATM Fee: Fee

#3. FamZoo Prepaid Debit Card

FamZoo Prepaid Debit Card

In the era of Best Prepaid Cards and credit cards, educating children to handle money can be challenging. With the famzoo Prepaid Card, with cards that restrict access and features, you can build parent and child roles. You can transfer money between cards to make automatic periodic payments, say for a weekly or monthly allowance, from one card to another.

There is a function to tie activities and work to prizes or fines, and parents can lock and unlock cards or monitor card access for fraud safety. A paying FamZoo membership enables up to four FamZoo prepaid cards to be ordered and used as long as the subscription is active. For a one-time charge of $3 each, you can order additional cards.

No reloading fees are available for direct deposit. FamZoo does not charge refill costs for cash reloads, but due to suppliers, they might pay a $4.95 fee. Transfers are free and immediate between cards. For transactions or with in-network ATM withdrawals, incur no fees. You have to have a paid subscription to FamZoo, which is $5.99 per month (though if you pay your subscription in advance, it’s less).

  • Purchase Fee for Cards: The first 4 cards are free of charge; $2 for any card after the 4th.
  • Annual fee: $5.99
  • Reload Fee: Depending on the reload process, up to $4.95
  • ATM Fee: In-network free of charge.

#4. Akimbo Prepaid MasterCard

Akimbo Prepaid MasterCard

Akimbo lets you create a new prepaid card, and you can handle each card from inside the Akimbo app. You can install the first sub-account at no discount, and each one is $4.955 after that (one-time only). For recurring costs, you should plan auto loads regularly. You can also disable and activate cards from inside the app at any time, as well as get text alerts after each purchase.

No tuition or monthly fee is required. In comparison, for signature transactions, there is no processing charge, but for each PIN payment transaction, you can pay $.99. On each trade, ATM cash withdrawals are paid $1.98 and ATM balance queries are charged $.33 each. You’ll incur a $5.95 dormancy fee starting in the 13th month if your account is idle for 12 months.

  • Card Buying Fee: First 2 cards are free; thereafter, $4.95 for each card
  • Subscription Fee: Zero
  • Reload Fee: Cash reload is $5.90 for reloading
  • Charge for ATM: $1,98

#5. Netspend Prepaid Card

Netspend Prepaid Card

You can get billed up to two days quicker by direct deposit with the Netspend Prepaid card. Using a mobile check deposit, you can load money to your account, refill it at over 130,000 places, or collect money from friends and family with Netspend cards. To conveniently monitor your Netspend account, receive cashback from qualifying transactions, and get a bonus added to your balance anytime a friend registers, download the free Smartphone App.

Based on your deposit habits, you will switch from two plans that have differing fee schedules. The default package, which charges no annual fee, but $2.00 for each signature or PIN purchase, is Pay-As-You-Go. If you have a direct deposit of $500 or more, the Premier Fee Advantage Package is the highest value.

You can either pay the subscription charge or processing costs. There is no way to stop any sort of fee. And holding the card active is key to preventing the $5.95 inactivity charge, which happens if for 90 days the card is not used.

  • Monthly fee: $0
  • Reload Fee: Up to $3.95 for reloading cash
  • ATM withdrawal fee: 2.50 dollars


Multiple Best Prepaid Cards are available, and we just wanted the better ones to be recommended. Before narrowing them down to the top 5, we investigated and checked several cards. Based on criteria such as their fees, attributes, incentives, and how convenient they are to use, we picked the best-prepaid debit cards.


What is a Virtual Card?

Virtual cards are credit cards created by computers (not physical plastic cards). Thanks to it, you can buy things online without entering your actual credit card number. These cards include automatic limit management and fraud prevention.

Which US virtual credit cards are the best?

Some of the top US virtual credit cards are listed below:

  1. American Express Serve FREE Reloads
  2. Starbucks Rewards Visa Prepaid Card
  3. FamZoo Prepaid Debit Card
  4. Akimbo Prepaid MasterCard
  5. Netspend Prepaid Card

Can you use the virtual card only once?

Yes, it is possible to design virtual cards that disable themselves after just one transaction. When dealing with sketchy websites that charge you on a regular basis without your knowledge, these cards can be very helpful.

Can a virtual card’s maximum transaction amount be restricted?

Yes, you may design virtual cards with any desired transaction limitations.

Can a virtual Visa card be used in-store?

Yes, you may just present the cashier with your credit card from the virtual card provider’s website if you use a virtual card in-store.

Is it possible to transfer funds from a virtual card?

Yes, money may be transferred from a virtual card.

How Does a Virtual Credit Card Operate?

Although it provides more protection, a virtual credit card functions virtually exactly the same as a regular credit card. You can use this temporary, randomly created 16-digit card number while making online purchases. It is difficult to perpetrate fraud since this 16-digit number is linked to your credit card. The rest of the process is the same; you simply substitute your virtual credit card number for your actual credit card number.

A virtual credit card: how can I acquire one?

The methods to obtain a virtual credit card are as follows:

Step 1: Get a credit card.

Step 2: Log in to your credit card account and go to the settings page.

Step 3: If necessary, download and sign into the virtual card issuer’s app.

Step 4: Find a virtual credit card and enter its number.

Step 5: Accept the 16-digit virtual card number, expiration date, and security code that you just made, and choose how long the number is good for.

You may now begin using your fake credit card.

Will your credit affect prepaid cards?

Your credit is not harmed by prepaid cards. You don’t borrow any money from the card provider, unlike credit cards, you access your own money you’ve uploaded to the card account. Prepaid cards do not require a background check because of this, which could have a marginally unfavorable impact on the credit scores.

But Best Prepaid Cards still have little favorable effects on your credit, either. A credit card that reports to the three main consumer credit bureaus, it will help you create credit by making payments on-time and in full and keep the total balance low. Prepaid cards do not alert the offices about any of your transactions, so they can not help you create credit.

Is using prepaid cards a good idea?

In some cases, prepaid cards may make sense, such as whether you don’t have a checking account or just don’t want the urge to use credit. Yet prepaid cards do have downsides. One big downside? Just for carrying, loading or even removing money from the card are the comparatively large fees. And by using a prepaid card, you can not build up credit. If you have a bank account already, or you think you would be interested in opening one, weigh your options instead.

How Does a Debit Card Prepaid Work?

A prepaid current debit card is a card that already has funds on it, so the amount of money left on the card is the credit limit. For a certain limit, you don’t need to get accepted as you will on a credit card. Instead, the amount you wish to be on the card is paid, and it becomes your cap.

Online, and at most stores that allow a standard current debit card, you can use a prepaid debit card. However, with a prepaid debit card, you usually can’t rent a car. The purchase is automatically deducted from the balance anytime you use the card to buy stuff.

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