Top 13 Best PCPartPicker Alternatives & Competitors 2023

Today, we will offer an post on sites like Are there any other recommended sites like PCpartpicker that can display similarities between components and also advise works for various budgets? Or, on the other hand, something better to use as a rule.

It provides DIY PC developers with PC part selection, similarity, and value guidance. Collect your virtual part records with PCPartPicker app, and we’ll provide similarity guidance with up-to-date information. This is a cost-correlation administration in the house and family class. In this post, we will discuss all of the possible Reddit PCPartPicker alternatives.

What is PCPartPicker?

PCPartPicker app is the go-to online site for do-it-yourself computer builders looking for component selection, compatibility, and cost information. Create virtual component lists and obtain compatibility recommendations using this useful online tool. It gives up-to-date pricing information from many of the web’s most reputable businesses to help you make decisions. PCpartpicker app is a one-stop shop for all of your computer-purchasing requirements. You can acquire parts for any of your PCs here, including desktops, gaming PCs, laptops, workstations, servers, and more. It provides simple pricing comparisons to assist you in making educated judgments.


Which website offers the best PCPartPicker in 2023?

PCPartPicker, BuildMyPC, and PBTech are a few decent computer part pickers to use while building your custom PC. It contains components to suit all budgets and provides a worldwide supply option. They also have higher user ratings.

Is it safe to use PCPartPicker websites?

Sites like provide a massive selection of branded and non-branded components, as well as pre-configured PCs. To make payments, they provide a secure payment gateway. These websites even provide you with a guarantee for your items to protect them from malfunctioning.

Advantages of PCPartPicker

  • It enables you to choose categories while searching for the best parts for your future computer, ensuring that all important components are included.
  • It notifies you when you select incompatible parts for your PC with automated compatibility recommendations.
  • It provides up-to-date pricing lists from dozens of prominent online merchants for quick comparison.
  • You may establish price alerts and get alerted when a store offers a cheaper price than the amount you specify.


  • Your search is made easier with simple navigation and filters.
  • You can seek advice on the best goods for your PC in community forums.
  • It provides pricing trends online for simple comparison.


  • The absence of country-specific pricing might pose problems.

13 Best PCPartPicker Alternatives & Competitors 2023

Checkout Top 13 Best PCPartPicker Alternatives & Competitors 2023.

1. CGDirector PC-Builder

At the risk of seeming slightly prejudiced, I’ve also added our in-house PC builder. Selecting individual parts (through PCPartPicker) and creating your own PC is great, but for some individuals, that’s a lot of effort they don’t want to put in. That is where our builder excels. Especially for PCs that will be used for purposes other than gaming. Don’t get me wrong: gaming computers are fantastic.

However, gaming isn’t the sole application for a PC. Our builder can take any budget and spit out a PC for your unique demands if you want a decent blueprint to figure out what you could need for a professional PC for 3D modeling, rendering, editing, and so on.

2. Newegg’s PC builder

Newegg’s PC builder, a newer addition to the PC building website collective, is an innovative and highly handy tool for creating your PCs if you intend on completing your shopping with Newegg. Given Newegg’s lengthy history as a reseller of PC components and their huge assortment of components, creating their own PC building service is an obvious next step.

Specifically, to funnel customers into purchasing from their website immediately after they complete their build. And one of the key advantages of Newegg’s product over others is its customizability. Unlike many other PC builders, Newegg provides you with the flexibility to pick precisely what you want while also providing you with the peace of mind of having your components assembled by a professional.

3. Maingear

Maingear is a well-known PC system integrator in the industry. They’re noted for their well-sourced components and exceptionally professional build quality, but they’re also more expensive. Maingear’s custom PC builder provides a diverse range of components, peripherals, and aesthetic customization options. When it comes to bespoke liquid cooling, they are without a doubt one of the top PC construction firms available.

If you have the additional cash and want a blinged-out PC made with care, Maingear is an excellent alternative. And we’ve all done it: You can always use their PC-Builder Tool to build together your ideal PC and test compatibility, then get parts online at a discount and assemble yourself if that’s more your speed.

4. Xidax

Xidax is a smaller PC system integrator when compared to some of the other large brands out there, but that’s not a bad thing. It is a terrific alternative for many newbie PC enthusiasts because of the unique attention and care they put into their customer assistance. If you have any issues or concerns concerning your computer, they are eager to assist you and make things right.

Their PC construction choices aren’t as extensive as I’d like, but they’re not horrible by any means. They also provide some fantastic customization options, such as altering the colors of the sleeves or even laser carving patterns onto your PC if desired. They’re dependable, they build nice computers, and they don’t scrimp on the necessities. You can’t go wrong with them if you need a PC constructed.

5. Skytech PC builder

Skytech is a smaller PC system integrator that is an excellent alternative if you live in the United States. Their custom PC builder starts you off with four distinct PC build options at four different pricing ranges, so you’ll receive a nice PC regardless of your budget. They don’t have any unnecessary fees, they offer excellent customer service, and if you select the option, you can watch your PC being made in real-time on stream! I really enjoy their extensive case choices; most system integrators choose one case for one type of PC and don’t offer you much leeway, but Skytech gives you all the possibilities and tells you to go crazy.

6. LogicalIncrements

If you need a reliable resource to help you build your next computer, Logical Increments is the place to go. Lists of components, guidelines, and even video game plans may be found. It’s a strong candidate for the title of best PC component selector website. Logical Increments has everything you need to build a computer, a home theater, a gaming rig in your living room, or anything else.

Customers with various financial resources can purchase equipment and replacement components. This, like PCPartPicker, gives you access to the industry’s largest selection of components and tools. Various price points are provided to accommodate customers with varied financial circumstances. You’ll have a greater chance of success if you stick to components of the same quality level (destitute, superb, etc.).

7. BuildMyPC

BuildMyPC has everything you need to build a bespoke PC or a powerful gaming rig. This business sells all of the parts you’ll need to build your PC at affordable prices. You may also go through a selection of pre-built, customized PCs. It’s useful since it saves time and effort from searching many websites for suitable components. The pre-built PCs outperform in terms of performance and compatibility.

If you’re bent on hand-picking parts, you’ll have plenty of options to go over. It lets you build your own PC from scratch or buy one that has already been manufactured. There is a large assortment available to fit your individual custom computer or gaming computer requirements. It includes a variety of parts, pre-built PCs, bespoke PC designs, and low-cost gaming PCs to fulfill your needs.

8. PCSpecialist

PCSpecialist is a prominent destination for anybody wishing to build a custom computer and is one of the finest PC part-picker websites. There are laptop, desktop, all-in-one, small, and gaming PC models available. PCSpecialist may also be used to set up a server or a powerful workstation. Everything you need to build a computer is available right here. PCSpecialist’s services are offered in the United Kingdom and throughout Europe. You may customize your computer setup or desktop for gaming based on your needs. It has a simple configurator with no technical jargon to help with setup. Each customer receives excellent customer service.

9. Dream PC

Dream PC is a forward-thinking Australian PC component selector. This Australian custom PC manufacturer uses a cutting-edge method to construct the best PCs in the business. Resistance Laptops has worked with it to give you the specialized, customized customization options you need. Everything you need to build a high-end computer is available right here. Each purchase is subjected to a compatibility check to ensure that the consumer gets the best possible experience. It has everything you desire or require for your PC. It performs stress testing on custom-built PCs to ensure the best quality.

10. Digital Storm PC

The Digital Storm PC, the pinnacle of gaming and high-performance computer systems, is featured here. This art uses cutting-edge technology and high-quality components to elevate your digital life to new heights. This custom-built PC utilizes the most recent advancements in gaming technology, such as the greatest graphics cards money can buy from NVIDIA or AMD and the most cutting-edge CPUs money can buy from Intel or AMD, to provide unrivaled performance.

Prepare to be astounded by breathtaking realism, buttery smooth controls, and mind-boggling processing rates. This PC component picker page has been painstakingly designed to meet the highest requirements. This supercomputer employs only the best components from reputable suppliers. Each component has been thoroughly tested to guarantee that it meets the highest standards of dependability and performance, giving you peace of mind when using your computer.

11. DinoPC

DinoPC allows you to build high-powered, durable devices for the roughest situations. It is simple to use because of its great build, durability, and customer service. All of the most recent components for your gaming and desktop PC needs may be found here. If you’re a gamer looking to build a powerful gaming PC, this advanced platform is for you.

12. PBTech

PBTech is a well-known supplier of computer hardware and software components. It makes it simple to buy things from anywhere in the world. PCs, computer components, printers, and office furniture are among the computer gear options accessible here. The website is simple to use and navigate, allowing you to rapidly construct your computer. It offers products made by some of the world’s greatest brands.

13. Pangoly

If you wish to build a new computer, Pangoly can assist you. This useful website offers a free service that advises you on the best hardware and accessories to fit your needs and budget. Pangolin offers a wide range of laptops suitable for a variety of applications, including gaming, productivity, and content creation. Do you wish your smartphone performed better, had a longer battery life, or was more compact and easy to transport?

Pangoly has you covered, whether you’re a seasoned builder or just starting out. Pangoly’s PC customizing tools include an easy-to-use UI. It only takes a few mouse clicks to create the ideal arrangement for you. You may narrow down your search by using their component filtering and comparing tools.

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