Top 10 Best MyLiveCricket Alternatives For Live Cricket & IPL

MyLiveCricket is a free live cricket streaming website for free. Its primary goal is to offer live streaming for sports related to cricket. However, you can watch a wide variety of sports online. like basketball live shows, football, soccer, badminton, kabaddi, and more.

By visiting the MyLiveCricket website, viewers of this site have the option to watch LIVE Cricket straight without having to subscribe. Moreover, watching cricket doesn’t require you to log in or register. It offers free streaming on several servers.

MyLiveCricket broadcasts live cricket matches directly on its website using a few third-party servers and live TV channels. Many servers are available, including YouTube, Hotstar, sports channels, and others. Subsequently, TV channel servers can be embedded to provide free streaming. MyLiveCricket employ a variety of obtrusive advertisements, including pop-up, floating, and adware, to make money.

For a continuous cricket streaming experience, we will examine some of top MyLiveCricket alternatives free live cricket streaming in this post.

What is MyLiveCricket?

On the streaming service MyLiveCricket, cricket matches may be watched. There are currently around 2.4 million users on the website. There are times when a server’s delayed response causes content to load slowly. Events in football may be watched in addition to cricket. The MyLiveCricket website is able to broadcast the events thanks to connections that are available from several platforms, such as Facebook, whostreams, streamcdn, etc.


Is MyLiveCricket Legal to Use? does not have the legal authority to stream live cricket. According to a report published on IndianKanoon.Org, the true copyright holders and the Star India Company filed a case against the MyCricketLive website for illegally streaming IPL cricket.

Is MyLiveCricket Safe to Use?

While streaming live sports, you’ll notice a lot of annoying advertising, but overall, it’s a very safe product to use. These advertisements are occasionally pop-ups, malware, and 18+. Here is a list of websites that we advise you to avoid accessing in order to safeguard yourself from adware and mobile infections. This website is still operational on the internet, despite employing clone domain names.

Top 10 Best MyLiveCricket Alternatives For Live Cricket & IPL

Checkout top 10 best Top 10 Best MyLiveCricket Alternatives For Live Cricket & IPL for 2024.


like a boss cast

If you are in watching sports from the comfort of your living room or office you should know how to broadcast ESPN online. It is among the most famous sports broadcasting venues with high definition.

While trending videos, news, analysis, and highlighting are free for all users, you can watch live sports similarities if you have a connection to TV participants or online facilitator. The list of services includes Cox, Hulu, Sling, Verizon, Xfinity, Directv, etc. All of these services are very common in the U.S., so you should not face any problems. Just sign up using those credentials to enjoy free live streaming.

Available Sports: Soccer, Soccer, Tennis, Cricket, eSports, Martial Arts, Golf, Horse Racing, College Sports, Football, F1, Boxing, MMA, WWE. This site is included in list of best free sports streaming sites like mylivecricket in 2023.

2. Fox sport


Like ESPN, the Fox Sports website can also serve as a great way to cut the strings and enjoy free online sports. The site is well designed and shows you points from the matches listed above. There are online game schedules, highlights, and chats that are fully free to use.

to the free and legal sports streaming section, it’s almost like what you need to do to watch the free match on ESPN. If you got data and TV services from providers like Xfinity, Verizon, Cox, AT&T Verse, Directv, Spectrum, Frontier, etc., you can use your login to get free games online. Available Sports: Football, F1, MotoGP, Martial Arts, Tennis, eSports, Golf, WWE, Basketball.

3. CrackStreams


Crack Streams is another streaming platform that offers free sports events. The website updates its links a day before the actual game, and there is plenty to offer. Looking forward to the new NBA season, Crack Streams has included you. You can also watch Crack Streams NFL events here. Apart from this, the site broadcasts UFC, MMA, and boxing matches. The website itself is easy to use, so you can find your way without much trouble.

4. Cricfree


If you want to stream live sports, Cricfree is one of the best sports streaming sites you can use. Rely on cricket feeds from Sky Sports 1 and Sky Sports 2 to deliver your sports content. However, it comes completely free.

As with other free sports streaming sites, Cricfree collects links from various sources and distributes them to the end-user, you. You can choose from 12 sections on the site, each offering a different game. Other events you can access include tennis, racing, soccer and badminton. As with mylivecricket, there are some emerging ads that can be very annoying, especially if they appear at a critical time in the middle of a game.

5. FOX Sports GO


Using FOX Sports GO, you can stream live sports from the FOX Sports network. These include FS1, FS2, FOX College Sports, FOX Soccer Plus, Big Ten Network, FOX Deportes, and Regional Network. You can view the match from the FOX website if you wish. Alternatively, you can also download the app for free. The app is easy to use and great, which means you can watch sports anytime, anywhere.

While not officially free for everyone, FOX Sports GO comes at no extra cost if you have a cable. All you need to do is get access to all the sporting events to sign in using your TV or cable provider.

6. Loala1


Based in Austria, Loala1 is a global streaming website that offers absolutely great sports suits. If you want to expand your past passion for regional sports activities, Loala1 is a great option for you. As an example, you can watch football matches from around the world. You can also live broadcast tennis, beach ball, table tennis, basketball, and motorsports games.

The website itself has a nice design that makes it easy to navigate through it. All of this and much more makes Loala1 one of the best sports broadcasts on offer today. This site is included in list of best free sports streaming sites like mylivecricket in 2023.

7. LiveTV.SX


Like many other inexpensive sports broadcasting sites, LiveTV.SX collects links from various sources and manages them on its platform. Here, you can broadcast live live shows, such as La Liga, rugby, FIFA, NBA, NFL, WWA, MMA, UEFA, and badminton.

The best part is, they all come for free. Worse, there is no shortage of chaotic ads and the service is not directly valid (like many other different free sports streaming sites). If you can’t overcome those two evils, however, then LiveTV.SX is the best choice for you. This site is included in list of best sites like mylivecricket in 2023.

8. Red Bull TV

like a boss cast

it is the most interesting and unique entry on this list. This is a global sports streaming site and free home for a variety of adventure sports, live sports programs, and other lifestyle content. The service continues to deliver original sports programs such as Sky Trippers, URBEX, Sheckler, Who is J.O.B, UCI Mountain Bike World Cup, etc. It allows a person to choose their favorite athlete and learn more.

Available Sports: Racing, Rally, Hiking, Cliff, F1, eSports, Skating, Skiing, Snowboarding, Surfing, etc. This site is included in the list of best free sports streaming sites like mylivecricket in 2023.

9. Hotstar

like a boss cast

ESPN and a few of the mentioned free sports streaming sites bring content, especially to the American and European countries. But what if you are Indian and a fan of Cricket and other popular sports on the continent? If so, you need to look at other official sports broadcasting sites such as Host star.

While many people visit the hot star website for free movies and TV shows, it is very popular in India for watching games like Cricket, Hockey, Kabaddi, Football, etc. The website is well-designed, with all major games and competitions clearly organized into queues. Most of the sports streaming on the site is free, but there is also premium content. To achieve that, the hot star also offers only the cheapest sportswear package. If you live outside of India and cannot access the free content of this site, you can always use a VPN or proxy to block resistance. Sports available: Cricket, Football, Kabaddi, Hockey, Tennis, Badminton, Table Tennis, Golf, Swimming, Sports, Formula 1, and Athletics.

10. First Row Sports

the bosscast

First Row Sports is probably one of the most popular sports venues that broadcast websites. The program is mainly targeted at a North American market, with sports activities such as basketball, baseball, hockey, WWE, rugby, golf and more. Also review other Stream2watch options

With First Row Sports, you do not need an account to stream live sports activities. Only you need to do is go to the website and search the game you intend to watch. Similarly it comes free, however, like other free sports streaming sites, it has a lot of ads from one of the most troublesome moments. If you can pass the ads, however, First Row Sports deserves to be shot.


While there are a number of options that offer a wide range of features and unique cricket material, MyLiveCricket was once a popular choice for live cricket streaming. Cricket fans may have an unrivaled experience with these platforms, which range from international ones like Hotstar and SonyLIV to specialized ones like Willow TV and Willow HD TV for streaming cricket.

Whether you’re looking for expert commentary, live action, or highlights, these options make sure cricket fans never lose sight of their beloved game. Remember to take into account elements like device compatibility, streaming quality, and content availability while selecting the best platform for your live cricket requirements. Have fun with your streaming!

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