How to Find AirPods

How to Find AirPods When Dead or Offline Complete Guide

How well do you know how to find AirPods when they are not linked to a power source or an active network? AirPods are...

Signs Your MacBook is Under Hacker Attack – mytechblog

The macOS level of protection is widely agreed to be much higher than that of the same Windows. Following the MacBook High Sierra fiasco,...

Multiport Adapters with DisplayPort boost work Productivity

When one owns a MacBook, using a multiport adapter yields rich dividends for the laptop’s functionality. While Apple MacBook is among the finest laptops...
iPhone Battery Life

How to Extend the Life of Your iPhone’s Battery (From Both Users and Developers...

Mobile phones cater to our everyday lives’ workings ever so increasingly that we tend to call them part of our lives. But one thing...
Weather Alerts on iPhone

How to Turn on Weather Alerts on iPhone In 2022

Turn on weather alerts on iPhone to get updates on snow and rain alerts so you can plan your route in advance and be...
Mac Device

20 Useful Facts about your Mac Device you Probably Didn’t Know

Apart from the stellar design, impeccable features, and the cool logo that mesmerizes millions across the world, your Mac device, whether a laptop or...
MagSafe Charger

Top 10 MagSafe Chargers for iPhone 13, Pro, and Pro Max

There are already a lot of Apple MagSafe charger for the iPhone 13 on the market, but which ones are worthwhile? The MagSafe magnetic...
iOS 16

iOS 16 Guide: Latest Version, Tips, Features – Mytechblog

Apple released iOS 16 for iPhones on September 12, 20:22, following the June 6 WWDC keynote announcement of its major annual operating system update...
iPhone 11 Vs iPhone 12

iPhone 11 Vs iPhone 12 Vs iPhone 13: Picking The Best Budget Buy in...

iPhones are the only product category whose value remains intact even years after being launched. iPhone 11 was launched in 2019 and is still...

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