Jeans Fit Types for Men: Guide to Buy Perfect Fit Jeans for Men With Big Thighs

Jeans are an essential part of any guy’s wardrobe. They are an extremely versatile outfit choice because they can be paired with almost anything. We have been wearing jeans fit for about 150 years now.

Yet, there are times when we just can’t find the right fit. Either the jeans are too tight, or too loose, the fabric isn’t right, or the colour is a problem. Especially for men with big thighs, finding the right size jeans can be like finding the perfect partner – you go through many, many options before finding the right one.

To make this endless search for the perfect jeans easier for you, we bring you jeans fit types for men. Go through our denim guide and find the perfect match for yourself without any difficulty!

Jeans Fit

The Ideal Jeans Fit

When you’re in a store, you see hundreds and thousands of jeans stacked around you. Where do you even start? How do you choose? Relax, we’ve got you covered. While you can find a variety of colors and fits, when it comes to a pair of men’s jeans, two fundamental questions must be asked before buying them. You must ask yourself if you are comfortable in them, if you’ll be able to wear them like a second skin and live in them. Secondly, check if they look good – if they suit your thighs and make you feel happy with your body. If the answer to both the questions is yes, viola! You’ve found yourself the perfect pair of jeans. If not, keep looking.

Types of Jeans for Men 

Before we tell you about the ideal fit for bigger guys, let us talk about the various types of jeans available for men on the market.


Baggy jeans that give your legs breathing space and a chic look? Yep, we’re talking about loose-fit jeans. They can easily be worn with a shirt, or a T-shirt, or any other garment that you like. They are comfortable and won’t make you sweat, which makes them ideal for day-to-day outfits. They are the perfect big and tall jeans.


Skinny guys should go for these types of jeans. It has a tight fit but still gives you more room around the thighs as compared to skinny jeans. It would give your legs an attractive shape and go best with a baggy T-shirt. However, you can style it in whichever way you like and look amazing!


They have a straight fit from top to bottom. They are usually mid-rise and have a large leg opening. “”What is rise?” you might be wondering. The “rise” of a pair of jeans means the distance between the crotch joint and the top of the waistband. These types of jeans are usually worn by guys who are not too skinny or too big.

Jeans Fit


People often wonder what the difference between slim-fit jeans and skinny jeans is. Skinny jeans do not offer any extra room, like slim fit jeans. Big guys should avoid them as they can be too tight. They are usually worn as a style statement, as they can give a classy twist to your outfit. However, they can be a bit uncomfortable if chosen for day-to-day activities


These types of jeans are not as baggy as loose-fit jeans. However, they are still quite comfortable and provide room around the waist area.

Jeans Fit

How to find the Perfect Fit for Big Guys? 

When we think of big guys, we imagine a person with a huge body frame, massive thighs, and, occasionally, a belly. However, a big guy can also be a big, muscular guy with thick thighs. So, our advice covers both groups.

You should ideally go for a pair of jeans that are low-rise. “Low-rise” or “Low-cut” jeans are a pair of jeans that are usually about 3 inches lower than your navel. With low-rise jeans, you will be able to get the much-craved muffin top, and it would even help hide your belly bulge if you have one.

Next, the tapered fit is usually the best for big guys, since it has a lot of extra room in the thigh area. This fit would perfectly fit your big thighs since it is not too tight and not too loose. When it comes to the right choice of fabric, avoid wearing lightweight fabrics because they will make your jeans more revealing.

In short, guys with big thighs and a huge frame can ideally opt for stretch jeans, which have a small amount of elastane to easily fit their legs. They can also go for the comfort fit, which has a lot of room around the thigh area. Thirdly, tapered jeans are also a good option because they are broader around the waist area and get narrower towards the ankles. They are a combination of straight and slim-fit jeans.

Regular fits are also ideal for muscular guys. They would easily slip over your thighs and behind, highlighting your best attributes. So now, find yourself the perfect jeans and look your best by using our simple denim guide!

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