How to Turn Your Extra Room Into a Second Living Room

If you have an extra room in your house and aren’t sure what to do with it, consider making it into an extra living room! This provides another place for you to relax with company and even have game nights or movie nights. Kids can also use the extra room to entertain friends or have gaming nights.

You will probably want your second sitting room to be different than the first one to add a new dimension and atmosphere to your home. Here are some easy tips for turning that extra room into a new favorite hangout spot.

Get Some New Seating

A sitting room is not complete without seating. Consider who will be using the room the most and how many people might be in the room at the same time before getting your seating. If your kids are going to use the space as a game space or hangout room, you might want to get a large sectional or some comfortable armchairs.

If the space will mostly be for you and your partner, you might want to get something a little cozier like a loveseat. This will allow you to curl up together and watch a movie. There are many loveseat sales online where you can get something new for the room.

Grab a Matching Ottoman

You will always want a nice place for your guests to be able to stick their feet up and relax. Having a nice ottoman in the center of the seating adds a nice relaxing touch to the room. Ottomans don’t just have to be for feet though. Many people use them in place of coffee tables.

Just make sure you get one with an even and smooth surface if you plan to put food and drinks on it. Having the ottoman in the center of the room will also ensure that everyone can reach their food and drink without needing to move or lean forward too much.

Get a TV

If you plan to watch TV or movies in the new sitting room, you will also need to get a TV or a projector if you want more of a home theatre feeling. If this is going to be your main room for watching TV, you might want to get a large television. If you think you will spend more time in the second sitting room reading or just relaxing, you get a smaller less fancy TV. You might not even need a TV if you don’t watch it often and plan to spend more time doing other things in the second sitting room.

Decorate it Up

You want the second sitting room to be comfortable and feel cozy. This means you will need to spruce the place up with decorations! You can decorate with the same theme as the rest of your office or you can make something totally new! Since it’s a separate room and not everyone will be seeing it, you can always make it a different theme and no one will even know.

Make sure to get some nice photo frame or wall art to hang above the TV. You can also get photos of the family or photos of your pet to add to the space.

Include a Bookshelf

Your new sitting room can also double as a quiet reading nook. If you plan to use the space to read, make sure to get a nice bookshelf that can hold on your favorite novels and the new ones that are still on your reading list. You might want to also get a nice lamp to have on the side table so you can see clearly to read.

Make Sure to Have the Right Lights

The lights you choose for your second living room will depend on what you are using the room for. Home theatres work best when you have dimmer lights or even string lights hung up. If you plan to use the room for reading or crafting, you might want to get some brighter lamps or use the natural light from the windows.

Add Curtains

The type of curtains you choose will also depend on what you are primarily using the room for. For a movie room, choose blackout curtains or dark curtains so the glare from the windows does not interfere with the TV. Crafting and reading rooms will do better with cheer or light colored curtains.

Turning Your Spare Space Into a Sitting Room!

Having an extra sitting room is perfect for when you have company over. It’s also ideal for children who want to have privacy with friends to game or watch movies. You can even use the room as a hobby room. Just make sure to follow these tips to have the best living room!

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