Hindilinks4u Alternatives to Download Hindi Movies & TV Shows

People from all over the world enjoy watching free movies. Hindilinks4u has a lot to offer those people. And due to its enormous movie library, accessing such a website isn’t always secure. You are fully aware of Hindilinks4u, where movies can be downloaded and enjoy watching free movies on the internet. Hollywood, Bollywood, and Marathi movies are uploaded to Hindilinks4u primarily for free download. Every movie is uploaded in a different HD quality. Additionally, a variety of movie genres are categorized on the website to facilitate your choice of movie download. In addition, Hindilinks4u provides dubbed movies in several languages, so users can watch the movie of their choosing in any language they like.

What is Hindilinks4u?

A pirate website called Hindilinks4u provides streaming services for TV shows and movies with an emphasis on Indian culture. Users are able to stream movies and TV shows on this platform, which goes by the name “Indian Entertainment Hub.” Its vast library of movies includes both recent blockbusters and timeless masterpieces. While Hindilinks4u mostly provides Hindi movies, we can also obtain the dubbed or subbed versions of other movies here, and we can obtain the dubbed or alternative language versions of the movies for free. In essence, this is a website that offers a variety of movies and TV shows for streaming online to people who are interested in Indian cinema.


Is Hindilinks4u Safe or Legal to Use?

Like a lot of other streaming websites, Hindilinks4u has certain safety and legality concerns. Pop-up advertisements on websites that frequently provide free streaming can occasionally direct users to dangerous websites or applications. You run so many risks to your device when you click on these. Again, you should be concerned about your privacy because these sites may track your online activities or request personal information.

However, it is illegal in many countries to download or stream content that is subject to intellectual property rights without the required permission or payment. These streaming websites can host content without the necessary licenses. Please be advised that watching video that has been downloaded illegally may subject you to fines or other penalties in some jurisdictions.


Hindilinks4u has expanded to become a more important component of the website that offers free movie downloads. Users download one of the other sites instead of this one for a number of reasons. Let’s examine the factors that lead the majority of users to choose Hindilinks4u over other options.

  • One of the main draws of the website is its extensive film library, which includes a wide range of genres like fantasy, romance, drama, comedy, children’s films, thrillers, horror, action, war, strategy, sci-fi, and mythology. It’s easier for people to select a movie based on their mood.
  • The movie is available for download in multiple languages. For instance, the website offers Marathi movies with Hindi dubbing. Hollywood movies in dubbing are also available for download. As a result, there are more visitors every day.
  • The website makes use of many mirror interfaces. The website shifts the address URL to another one and moves the data to it as soon as the government bans one of its links. It continues to expand in this way.

Hindilinks4u Similar Sites

As we have previously highlighted, there are a number of websites that encourage piracy. Hindilinks4u, however, is a little more well-liked than the others. However, let’s have a look at comparable websites in case the site’s gates are ever blocked.

1. Filmy4wap


One of the popular websites for downloading pirated movies and other material from media files is Filmy4wap. You get leaks of movies on the website. You can download HD Bollywood Movies, Hollywood Hindi Dubbed Movies, Tollywood and Kollywood Movies, and other free regional language films from Filmy4wap. If you love to watch Hindi movies, then you must visit Filmy4wap at least once.

2. 123 Movies


123 Movies is another best alternative to Hindilinks4u. There are a variety of options for viewing movies and TV shows.  It does not require any subscription or registration. Here you can enjoy quality content as per your preference. It is also user-friendly and offers a great browsing experience. But one drawback is that it has pop-up ads.

3. 7StarHD


You can stream free pirated movies on 7StarHD. You can download all this set that is available on 7StarHD 2020 free of charge. On the 7StarHD 2020 website, HD Bollywood, Hollywood, and Tollywood movies are available.

4. 9kmovies


9kmovies is a best torrent site not only for downloading movies but also for TV shows, songs, sports, games and books. Any recent Bollywood movie can be downloaded from 9kmovies. You can download Punjabi, Marathi, Bhojpuri, Kannada, Malayalam, and Telugu movies, in addition to Bollywood movies.

5. Bolly4u


Bolly4u is one they wouldn’t regret investing their time and money on. The best thing about this website is that it offers a trustworthy alternative. It has a broad variety of categories for movies. The films are based on genres, allowing users to navigate and then pick the one they want to purchase. The best thing about this platform that makes it a decent choice is that some of the dubbed movies are also available best alternative to Anilinkz. It means that you can watch the films without even understanding the language. They don’t really have subtitles, so that’s something you have to settle for. The interface is not really great but you get your work done, so you can’t really moan that.

6. TamilYogi


Another incredible website for movies features movies in languages such as Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam. Hollywood, Bollywood, also Punjabi movies, are available. Movie lovers can easily download and watch the movies of their choice on the internet using several gushing links accessible on the website. Movies are available to a range of video quality, such as 360p, 480p, 720p, and 1080p at TamilYogi.


How was Hindilinks4u founded?

Hindilinks4u began as a modest service that offered free movie downloads, enabling users to enjoy a wonderful movie-downloading experience. But the attention it received increased when the website started uploading popular movies on a regular basis. Hindilinks4u became the large website it is now as a result.

How is the website operated?

The website makes money from the site’s advertisements and uploads the free movie for internet viewing. The quantity of advertisements rises in tandem with the number of visitors. This leads to the website’s increasing popularity. It occasionally uploads the best movies a few days or even earlier after their release.

Is it safe to use Hindilinks4u website?

Since the website is a place for piracy, downloading a movie from there exposes you to some of the worst risks to your data. Even if it weren’t for its ability to identify phone data from hackers, the website would still be illegal, and you might face penalties from the government. Thus, using these websites is not safe at all but rather risky.

Is downloading movies from Hindilinks4u legal?

Since piracy is never permitted, Hindulinks4u encourages piracy. As a result, anyone who uses this will suffer the consequences that government law enforcement determines. Therefore, we would suggest that you use reputable sites that will never put you in danger when downloading movies, rather than such risky ones.

How can a free website for Hindi movies be identified?

Many websites are available for streaming or watching Hindi movies. But you have to search for the most recent update if you want to consider a reputable site. Their video quality ought to be important as well.

What makes Bollywood movies so good?

Bollywood movies maintain a few basic elements in order to create high-caliber films. Their regular features include predictable plots, emotionally driven melodrama, amazing song and dance routines, and well-choreographed fight scenes. Bollywood continued to be the most important element in the Indian film industry with these standard qualities.

I want to watch Hindi movies; do I need a VPN?

You can watch Hindi movies without a VPN if you live in India. Hindi movies are also freely accessible in some regions, so you can give it a try before switching to a VPN. VPNs can come in rather handy if you are unable to access them.

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