5 Emojis That Depict Normal Human Activities

For two decades, emojis have served as a non-verbal way of showing how a person feels. What began as a collection of smiley faces evolved into something more. The emojis have increased every year, from each country’s national flag to iconic food. It was only a few years since humans were added to the emojis.

Aside from human expressions and gestures, human activities were included too. These icons mirror typical things humans do, such as standing, running, and sleeping. These pictograms make it easier for people to understand what you are doing.

With the addition of human activities to emojis, it seems only natural to include it in casual conversations. How would you use these emojis? Read on to learn more about the seven human activity emojis that are completely normal!

Standing Emoji

Standing is one of the earliest things we learned as a child. After babies learned how to sit down, standing up is next to be expected. That is why it’s only natural that the person standing emoji is on this list. The man on this pictogram is standing tall and confident.

Though this emoji is one of the most basic human activity emoji, it’s one of the most recognizable ones from the keyboard. The man on the standing emoji is usually seen with a green shirt. But on other platforms, he wears either a blue or red shirt. He’s like the normal yellow-faced emoji but given human limbs and proper proportions.

There isn’t a lot to say about this emoji, except that it also comes in different skin colors and genders. The female standing emoji is wearing a blue top and skirt, a contrast to the usual green shirt. Though this emoji is not widely used, it’s still a normal human activity. One of the best ways to use this emoji is by adding another one, making it seem like friends hanging out.

Walking Emoji

Now that the baby knows how to stand, it will only be a matter of time before he can walk. Walking is a great exercise for people who don’t like to run or spend time doing difficult workouts. Just as standing is necessary, so is walking. But walking should not be taken for granted because not everyone can.

The walking emoji does not look that much different on other platforms. It shows a man walking to the left, and their shirt colors change for each version. The emoji also comes in different skin tones and genders, so every person can be represented.

There is not much use for the walking emoji, except maybe you wanted to post about heading out somewhere. You can pair the walking emoji with the house emoji or church emoji to give a clue to where you are going.

Running Emoji

Running is the natural progression of walking. Fitness experts say it’s the most recommended way to lose weight. But while others find running a fun exercise, most find it exhausting. People who run say running gives them an adrenaline rush.

There are several emojis related to running, but nothing is more recognizable than the running emoji. This pictogram shows a man running in one direction. The running emoji slightly differs in each platform. Most versions wear running shorts, while others in jeans. The running emoji is available in different skin tones, and it also has a female equivalent.

If you are a fan of running marathons, best to add the running emoji to your post. You can also use this emoji when you are running errands. Another way to use the running emoji is to jokingly let people know that you’re running away from everything.

Dancing Emoji

Learning choreography may be a little challenging, but dancing can be pretty fun once you memorize the steps. Dancing is different depending on the country and the culture you are in. Some dances are traditional, while some are purely for enjoyment. Some dances are done solo, by pair, or in a group.

But that is not the case with the dancing emoji. This pictogram depicts a man in a popular 1980s dance pose. The emoji shows a man with his right hand raised while his legs look as if it was moving. Like most human activity emojis, the dancing emoji also comes in different skin tone variations. The most popular version of this emoji is the woman in a red dress.

Share your love for dancing by adding all versions of the dancing emoji. You can even put the dancing emoji in pairs! Another great way to add the dancing emoji to a post is by declaring your excitement to dance.

In Bed Emoji

The last activity for the day is sleeping. Depending on the lifestyle, a person can sleep from four to eight hours a day. It is the body’s way to recharge itself and rebuild muscles. Sleeping is also a good way for the body to relax after a long, tiring day at work.

There is a huge difference between the sleeping emoji and the person in bed emoji. The sleeping emoji is a yellow smiley face with its eyes closed and with two Zs on the right side. Meanwhile, the person in bed emoji is exactly what it depicts, a human lying down and tucked in bed.

Let it be known to people that you are taking your well-needed rest by pairing this emoji with the sleeping emoji. You can also let people know that you are sick in bed by adding the person in bed emoji to a post.


Emojis have become a part of our everyday lives. Whether you like it or not, these pictograms will appear several times in just one chat box conversation. They are easier to use, after all. It is since emojis have evolved from pixelated pictograms to well-detailed min pictures.

Food, national flags, clothing, and even religious symbols have been added to the long line of emojis. With the inclusion of human activity emojis, you can now easily say what you are doing.

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