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Suppose you are interested in buying an eBay credit card, so no worries here; we are giving you a brief eBay MasterCard Review. Let’s start! You can receive and redeem dedicated points on the online auction using the eBay Mastercard, provided by Synchrony Bank. Its reward-redemption opportunities are prohibitive, but those who overspend on the platform may find that this card’s high rewards rate more than compensates.

For big eBay shoppers who spend at least $1,000 per year through their online marketplace, the eBay Mastercard is perfect. Earn points on all purchases and redeem them at the eBay checkout for discounts, including taxes and delivery costs.

One of the eCommerce giant’s co-branded credit cards is eBay Mastercard. ebay Mastercard lets you receive extra benefits by buying on eBay Mastercard, close to how other store-specific cards work. This card could be worth a different look if your company makes or spends a lot on eBay, even if you don’t want to use the card for other transactions.

Merchants or collectors in eBay are:

  • Spend over $1,000 at eBay per calendar year.
  • Carrying out most of their eBay sales in the first half of the year.
  • Will pay the balance on their credit card in full per month.

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eBay Mastercard Review

For lovers of the online auction, the eBay Mastercard has the potential to be lucrative. Still, cardholders may need to pay a pretty penny before unlocking the card’s most valuable benefits. The card provides the only way for regular shoppers to receive some eBay discounts from external orders, despite this challenge. Each sale awards points, including taxes and even delivery costs, to discount the overall sales price on the eBay checkout page.

The hyper-specific design of the redemption strategies, though convenient, restricts the usefulness of the card to all but the most regular eBay customers. As a financial or investment instrument, the eBay Mastercard has some noteworthy drawbacks, including the absence of the opportunity to make balance transactions and sky-high APRs. But as is the case with Synchrony Bank’s co-branded retail cards, this card is intended to deliver incentives for shopping and nothing else.

Bonus with eBay Signup: Bonus Statement Credit

ebay Mastercard Review

New applicants who open an eBay Mastercard account by January 31st, 2020, will receive a $30 statement credit for a limited period. To do so, within 30 days of opening

the report, one must spend $150 on ebay.com. Although this deal does not sound especially spectacular at first glance, it turns out to be an above-average return on a credit card signup bonus, with the low spending criteria in mind.

One downside is that the time frame for the bonus statement credit to apply is short, just one month, much less than the time frame offered by most loyalty cards. As such, with an impending eBay buy in mind, prospective candidates may want to schedule their submission and do so.

No 0 percent APR Bid Introductory + High APR= Maybe a concern

Unfortunately, the eBay credit Mastercard would not offer anything to anyone contemplating an eBay shopping spree through the way of financial help. This card does not have the potential to perform balance transfers at all. There is no introductory APR for sales or balance transfers.

Since the APRs are high, even for a retail card, the absence of an intro APR is incredibly counterproductive to this card. Cardholders with impressive credit ratings will find themselves with an interest rate of up to 20%. (and those with Fair credit scores are more likely to see their interest rate edge towards 30 percent ). As such, every month, everyone who purchases the eBay Mastercard will plan to pay their balance in full.

Benefits & Features of eBay Extras Mastercard

ebay Mastercard Review

The Mastercard eBay Extras is a $-00-annual-fee card that receives incentive points for each purchase you make. To apply for the card, you must have a PayPal account. One important thing to remember about the eBay credit Mastercard Extras is that cardholders are capped in a year at 50,000 reward points. There’s never a positive thing about a payout limit, but at least this one is big.

Given that you don’t receive any points in the game’s incentive categories, you will need to owe the card $50,000 in one year to meet the limit. The eBay Extras Mastercard comes fitted with a few Mastercard credit card standards, such as enhanced guarantees and price security, and its exclusive advantages.

As long as the item has been bought with the eBay credit  Mastercard, the extended The warranty option allows you to twice the time of a warranty from a seller or retailer. When an item you bought rises in price after 60 days of purchase, price insurance retroactively returns you the price differential.

How to receive Bonus Points from eBay?

Typical of other cards issued by Synchrony Bank, the eBay credit Mastercard has common incentive categories. It helps cardholders receive incentives and bonuses for gas stations, grocery stores, and restaurant transactions on offline purchases and honours consumers most exceptionally for eBay transactions.

  • 3X/5X dots on eBay
  • At gas stations, grocery stores, and bars, 2X points
  • Everywhere else, 1X points

One of this card’s greatest challenges, though, is that cardholders have to go through hoops to unlock the 5X reward rate. The eBay incentive group will basically be considered in two stages, in which the turning point is a $1,000 spending requirement. Cardholders can earn 3X points from the beginning of the fiscal year before they hit $1,000 in spending.

Any future eBay sales will then yield 5X points per dollar-a bonus rate that expires at the end of the calendar year and has to be re-earned each time. If it wasn’t already irritating enough that cardholders miss an additional 2 points per dollar on the first $1,000 they spent on eBay (a return of around $12), the situation is made even worse that every year (December 31st) the bonus rate expires regardless of when the 5X bonus rate was received. For two different kinds of eBay shoppers, this strategy spells out two problems:

  • Type 1: Does a small amount of year-round shopping without big shopping hauls.
  • Type 2: Do the majority of your eBay shopping for presents during the holiday season

The eBay shopper for whom this will work well is someone who can fill their eBay credit Mastercard ® at the beginning of the year, giving them enough time to enjoy a 5X return on products, that is, if they have something left to purchase.

International eBay Buyouts

Foreign eBay merchant transactions that are not in U.S. dollars will receive just 1 point per dollar and will not count against the sales threshold of $1,000.

Redeeming eBay Rewards Points

ebay Mastercard Review

Points have an individual worth of 0.6 each and can only be exchanged after 1,500 points have been achieved (the equivalent of paying $500 on eBay) for sales, associated taxes, or delivery costs at ebay.com.

If this threshold has been exceeded, at any level with no minimum or limit redemption, points can be exchanged for eBay transactions. To do so, in order to use their points, cardholders must be signed in and can do so directly from the checkout tab.

Choose “Your Rewards” at checkout, which will reveal how many points are available as well as their monetary amount. Points can take up to two billing periods to be posted
to an account, so they may not be eligible for redemption immediately.

Forfeiture & Reward Points expiration

Based on the following cardholder conduct, incentive points expire 24 months
(2 years) from the month they were won, but may be lost:

  1. Missing two or three successive payments.
  2. Failure to make an eBay Mastercard® transaction for 12 straight months.
  3. If the Mastercard® eBay account is closed, If your user account on eBay is locked.

Before being able to appreciate the full earning capabilities of the card, it forces cardholders to leap through a substantial hoop.

Are eBay Award Points the same as Bucks on eBay?

No, the eBay Mastercard® points won are not the same as the eBay Bucks. eBay Bucks Loyalty Program is a distinct organisation that exists independently of the eBay credit card that is only distributed when customers buy eligible goods (items are indicated with the green eBay Bucks symbol). Reward points are not limited to the purchasing of individual products and can be won through all eBay credit Mastercard® transactions.

Is the Mastercard from eBay right for you?

Maybe you like to apply if:

  • You frequently buy on eBay and will find it worth the small incentive prices.
  • You choose to avoid annual payments
  • You are great with a card that only requires eBay checkout coupons to be redeemed.

Maybe you would like to search for a new card if:

  • You occasionally buy on eBay to use this card on non-eBay orders daily.
  • You will go overseas and will not have a different credit card.
  • You would choose a card that allows more convenient means of redemption, such as gift cards or money back.

Are you eligible to apply for an eBay Mastercard® Credit Card?

Retail cards are more likely to make cardholders leap through hoops than most forms
of credit cards, but even so, the eBay credit  Mastercard® takes more than other cardholders. The eBay credit Mastercard ® does not give cardholders anything by way of an optimised buying experience, free delivery, expedited shipping, unique deals, etc., in addition to attempting to shoehorn cardholders into particular purchasing habits.

The signup bonus is mediocre, and the APR is more of a drawback than a draw, leaving
future cardholders to have benefit based on the card structure itself, something that it does slowly and stingily. The eBay Mastercardincentive ®’s arrangement makes it a bad match for novice eBay shoppers.

Not only does it threaten to compel consumers to spend $1,000 by withdrawing the worthwhile 5X incentives as bait, but it presents shoppers with a very limited time period to do so, forcing them to follow a front-loaded buying schedule, not knowing whether it aligns with their shopping preferences or desires.

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