10 Classic Books To Reading Online For Free

Some people stream TV series and some tend to be inclined towards sports or news channels. While some people love streaming live TV shows and docuseries. However, all these people and many more are more vested in streaming now more than ever. One such need to stream or in other words, you can say browse and find, is the need to read on-screen rather than those hardback books.

While books seem to be better in human hands, people are no longer in one place and are continuously moving about for work and daily activities. Thus, the need to read on the go is now more than ever. While you can always buy books here and there in their original forms to read whenever you have time.

However, for the digital version, there has to be a good internet connection and good bandwidth because no one and I mean quite innocently, no one wants to wait for the book to load, it could be on one of those cliffhangers, which might lead you to throw away your device.

Nevertheless, with a good internet plan, this will not happen. ISPs such as Xfinity internet plans tend to make sure their customers are happy no matter what their usage is by offering you a variety of packages that have value in it and is stable, secure, and great for streaming if you suddenly want to watch a movie of the classic that you are reading. There are many other top companies besides the given example but you will have to explore and do some research to find the one that works for you, especially if you just moved or planning to do so.

Therefore, read on ahead to find the 10 classic books you can read online for free within your comfort zone. With weather conditions going up, you can snuggle in bed with coffee and read these classics. We do not know about you but that is a lot better than going to the library and home back and forth or buying books when you do not really want to and just have a read unless you are the crazy book hoarder and will never take to online for books. In addition, did we mention, these are a free read?

The 10 Classics That Will Make You Laugh, Cry, Smile, And Take You On A Roller Coaster Of Emotions:

  1. Pride and Prejudice By Jane Austen

Romance is there but life is not as simple for the main characters and that brings in tough decisions and a choice –What will come first, Pride or Love? A rom-com that will keep you on your feet and might even frustrate the heck out of you.

  1. Dracula By Bram Stoker

The original Count Dracula and greatest horror story with all the blood and gore expected of a Vampire, unlike those tall, dark, and handsome ones, this one will scare you with his bloodsucking tales.

  1. Adventure Of Sherlock Holmes By Arthur Conan Doyle

Many of us have read Sherlock Holmes and have wanted to submerge in this world of thrill, mystery, and die-hard captivating detective. This all along with his sidekick Dr. John Watson. Read this up for sure if you haven’t, the thrill is too great. It is a great read for classic starters and turns up a notch for good reads.

  1. Anne of Green Gables By L.M. Montgomery

A never outdated character and a must-read for all. It is a coming-of-age story of a girl in the Canadian outlands and an orphan. She was adopted by Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert who were an older brother and sister duo on a farm called Green Gables. This starts getting exciting when Anne brings thrilling adventures into their lives making it more worthwhile, with her great curiosity and an imagination that makes things interesting.

  1. Ulysses By James Joyce

Notorious for being lengthy and complicated, you can now put that reputation to the test. Joyce’s style of writing is peculiar, but get beyond the forty-page run-on sentences, you could discover Ulysses to be one of the oddest, craziest, and most delightful human works that make you want more.

  1. Little Women By Louisa May Alcott

The story of 4 girls, all transitioning to becoming women. But, what makes a woman great? And what is life? You will learn that life is not easy for many people but it is about the will to cope with it and bring out beautiful things from your struggle. A story about love, sisterhood, and the excitement of the new phases of life with all its tragedies. Do read this one to give yourself a motivated comeback.

  1. Les Miserable’s By Victor Hugo

With his brilliant (and extremely lengthy) masterpiece, Les Misérables, Victor Hugo transformed the concept of writing fiction for social change. Hugo presents the experiences of many French residents, all of which revolve around Jean Valjean, a person who spent nineteen years in prison for stealing bread.

  1. Great Expectations By Charles Dickens

A great story for all ages and lessons to learn from the mastermind on life lessons. Give your kids a read on this or read it if you haven’t to understand what is life for people with no means to survive or the support of their families. A sad yet thrilling book to read.

  1. The Awakening & Selected Short Stories By Kate Chopin

The first book to open about feminism and awakening to systematic oppression. Edna thus decides to take her life and turn it around regardless of what her husband wants from her or anybody else.

  1. Twenty Thousand League Under The Sea By Jules Verne

The name refers to the distance traveled when underwater and not the depth of the ocean. This is a great sci-fi novel to keep you on your toes.

Therefore, This Is The Run-Down Of The Best Classics, So Go Get Your Hands On Them And Start Reading.

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