07 Smart Tips to Choose the Best Gaming Laptop 2022

Playing video games on the best gaming laptop is a fun hobby for everyone, right? Over the years, technology has come a long way since the creation of the first personal computer, transforming them, and seamlessly integrating them with the video games we play. If you aren’t a hardware specialist, picking a best gaming laptop in 2022 might be a tricky task.

You can transform and seamlessly integrate your game collection into your daily routines and duties by finding the right size, shape, power level, and form factor for your collection. Microsoft Windows has long been the gold standard for computer gaming, but other systems such as macOS and Linux are also worth considering.

Find Out What’s Better: A Gaming Laptop or A Gaming PC

It’s always difficult to decide whether to purchase a gaming laptop or a gaming computer.  If you know the right specifications and about your requirements, it will be an easy choice. However, a laptop can’t have the same quality components as a desktop at the very top of the line. The available chassis space limits the amount of electrical power available to the CPU and GPU at the same time. It’s evident that laptops are forced to run at reduced power when compared to desktops; they may have the same number of cores, but they’re either limited to lower clock rates or not capable of running them for as long.

When it comes to cooling, it’s the same. To make cooling systems that can keep up with laptops, makers must design themselves into knots because of the limited space available for circulation and ventilation. Due to the cooling and power limitations, anything smaller than a 16-inch model can rarely handle the highest-power components at full speed.

Tips to Choose the Best Gaming Laptop in 2022

Graphics Card (Graphics Processing Units)

Graphics Cards can also be referred to as CPUs and GPUs.  The GPU drives every gaming machine’s performance. A graphics card is an essential component of any gaming laptop. The function of this card is to render images to display the visuals. It is required to have high-performance GPUs when you are playing high-end games with high-quality graphics. The presence of a higher GPU allows the display of graphics with greater clarity and better performance without any delay.


Once you’ve selected your graphics card, the next thing to consider is RAM, which is necessary for top gaming laptops.  When a system has more memory than a system with less memory, it can respond faster and perform at better frame rates.  In contrast to hard drives that store long-term data that remains even if the computer is turned off, RAM stores short-term data that is read and written as necessary by the processor.  Gaming PCs today requires at least 8GB of RAM. To run graphically demanding games smoothly, gaming PCs and gaming laptops should have at least 8GB of RAM.


For gamers, storage is always a problem. It is common for video games to take up a large amount of space on hard drives. SSDs and HDDs are the two most common types of hard drives today. SSDs are much faster than traditional hard drives when it comes to reading and writing data, making them ideal for installing your gaming laptop’s operating system for playing video games.

They are, however, usually smaller. A standard hard drive, often known as an HDD, has been around for decades. These drives are often significantly larger, offering you plenty of capacity for your games, but they spin slower, so their read and write times aren’t even comparable to those of an SSD. As recommend getting a top gaming laptop with both if at all feasible. In today’s market, a 512GB SSD with a 7200 rpm HDD placed beside it is great for storing your data and perhaps a few large size video games that you don’t play very often or that don’t require a lot of regular loading times to work.

Even if you must make a compromise, the biggest SSD you can afford will be great. It will allow you to take advantage of the best storage as well as the fastest speed without spending as much money.

Screen Display

You’ll be looking at the display that will be ideal for your powerful gaming laptop. Look at the important key factors of screen display to keep in mind when choosing a best gaming laptop in 2022.

  • Size

Personal preference is the only consideration here. Laptops Screen sizes typically range from 13 to 18 inches, with 15 and 17 inches being most common. If quality display matters to you then it’s better to buy a gaming laptop with a 15-inch LCD screen for exceptional visuals.

  • Screen Resolution 

If you want a high-resolution screen, settle for none less than 1920 x 1080. It’s the absolute minimum you need to experience great display. There will be some haziness in the visuals if you go below that.

  • Refresh Rate in Hertz (Hz)

A refresh rate of at least 60 Hz is required. The Hz value indicates how frequently the screen updates or refreshes. In this situation, you’ll want the screen to refresh at least 60 times per second so you can respond quickly in video games.

  • The AMD Free Sync and Nvidia G-Sync technologies

These technologies vary by manufacturer and are only accessible on higher-priced, more powerful models. They’re specialized software that optimizes the interaction of your display with graphics cards, reducing screen tearing, ghosting, and latency.

  • No touch screens

Although they appear to be cool, they will ultimately cost you more money for shorter battery life. Not at all required. The experience of playing games on a laptop with a touch screen doesn’t add value.


CPU stands for central processing unit, which is the brain of a computer. Prior to displaying results on the screen, data need to be interpreted and executed by the processor.  There are multiple cores in modern processors, which work like processors within processors. Each of these cores has a specific speed, which makes them capable of multitasking more effectively.

For your CPU to perform at its best, you should look for a gaming laptop with a capable processor and enough RAM. The performance of Intel processor is unbeatable in the modern market. As a recommendation for the best gaming laptops should be equipped with Intel i7 eighth-generation CPU family. Pay attention to the letters at the end of your processor model number, as not all i7 processors are made equal. Getting one of the K series processors for gaming makes your system powerful since it has greater power than other i7 processors.


Keyboards are visual representations of the keys you press. This is critical since there are various factors other than aesthetics and comfort that might influence your gaming. Key Travel refers to how far down a key will travel when pressed. If you want to play games like a pro in your best gaming laptop, make sure you aim for 1.5-2 mm. The amount of force required to push the keys for the keyboard to record the button press is known as actuation. As a general guideline, I recommend 60-70 grams, but it is entirely up to you.

Battery life

If you solely intend on gaming when plugged in, battery life isn’t as vital, but it is something to consider when buying a powerful gaming laptop that is supposed to be portable. Unplugged, gaming laptops may last anywhere from 2 to 6 hours, but keep in mind that you won’t be able to get the best performance out of them.

Is it worth it to buy a Gaming Laptop?

Best Gaming Laptop

In 2022, a gaming laptop is an amazing alternative and is well worth the money if you move about a lot and need a powerful device that can both game and work. However, if you’re a professional player or gaming is a significant part of your life and you play in the same place, a gaming PC will provide far greater value for money. You’re probably better off getting a gaming desktop (or console) and then a less-priced, non-gaming laptop for web surfing if you don’t need the portability.

However, if you want to play video games while traveling, we recommend investing in a top video gaming laptop of 2022. If you decide to go that path, keep in mind the average laptop lifespan, and consult our advice on how to extend the life of your gaming equipment.


Choosing a best video gaming laptop in 2022 does not necessitate a computer science degree. You’ll know what to look for in a new gaming laptop if you follow this guide, and you’ll be able to pick one that’s perfect for you and the games you want to play.  In 2022, you can have an option of fully customized gaming laptops or gaming PCs to take your gaming to the next level.

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