Top 10 Best Business Insurance Companies For 2022

Workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance are required by law for each best business insurance with employees. Depending on the type and field of your business, however, you may need general liability insurance, commercial property insurance, and professional liability insurance. It takes more than picking the proper coverage to find the best business insurance. It makes a tremendous difference to get insured with the appropriate company.

Best Business Insurance Companies For 2022

The best commercial insurance packages cover a wide variety of essentials. You’d want to have a single insurance policy that covers all of your needs. After looking at and studying hundreds of business insurance companies, we came up with a list of the top 10. Our ranking is determined by aspects like coverage, premium price, and customer service. With the help of our guide, you can find the best business insurance provider for you.

The Hartford

The Hartford is now the best business insurance company available. The Hartford provides everything you could possibly need for companies of all kinds and sizes. This organisation has been offering insurance solutions to businesses around the country for over 200 years. They’ve also appeared 11 times on the list of the World’s Most Ethical Companies.

The Hartford provides a variety of commercial insurance coverage, including:

  • Insurance for general liability
  • Property insurance for businesses
  • Insurance for business revenue
  • Liability insurance for professionals
  • Insurance for data breaches
  • Umbrella insurance for businesses
  • Insurance for commercial vehicles

The Hartford gets you protected for anything from bodily harm on one of your properties to stolen merchandise, fires, and floods. It’s simple to combine several forms of insurance and add-ons into a single policy. You may obtain a quotation in minutes by applying online. During the claims process, The Hartford is regarded for offering great service to its business customers. You can’t go wrong with a quote from a business insurance industry leader.


In the area of best business insurance, Travelers is another behemoth. The areas of construction, finance, manufacturing, retail, technology, and other areas are all covered by the firm. Travelers covers businesses in the United States, Canada, Ireland, and the United Kingdom with over 30,000 employees and around 13,500 independent agents and brokers. This insurance firm has been in business for almost 160 years. Travelers offers a variety of coverage options in addition to industry-specific insurance.

The following are some of the most popular travellers’ business insurance options:

  • Liability in general
  • Compensation for employees
  • Professional responsibility and management
  • Cyber-responsibility
  • Trucking and commercial vehicles
  • Bonds of assurance
  • Environmental responsibilities
  • The boiler and equipment
  • Excessive casualties and an umbrella

Having said that, travellers’ workers’ compensation insurance coverage stands out the most. Workers’ compensation insurance is trusted by over 500,000 organisations. Travelers is a top choice for workers’ compensation and general liability, whether you’re a tiny local business or a big corporation with employees in numerous states.

State Farm

State Farm is most commonly associated with home and auto insurance. They are best known for offering exceptional customer service at reasonable prices to their clients. This same level of care and dependability can be found in their best business insurance products.

State Farm offers coverage tailored to small business owners, including:

  • Policy for business owners
  • Professional responsibilities
  • umbrella for commercial liability.
  • Compensation for employees
  • Individual well-being
  • Automobiles for business and commercial use
  • Managing a small business

It’s simple to modify your coverage with State Farm as your business expands. Your agent will work with you to understand your small business’s needs as it grows. This will make sure that the limits of your coverage are right for the size of your business.


When it comes to taking care of its insured, Chubb is unrivalled. This insurance firm is known for delivering “white glove” service and settling claims quickly and efficiently. Chubb offers business insurance products that aren’t available from other firms.

In addition to general liability and workers’ compensation, Chubb has business insurance packages for the following:

  • Accidents and illnesses
  • Excess and surplus in the cyber environment
  • Global catastrophe
  • Mid-sized businesses might benefit from international solutions.
  • Management responsibility
  • Medical Liability for Ships
  • Recalling a product
  • Professional responsibilities
  • Railroad Liability
  • Surety
  • Political risk and trade credit.

As you can see, there are several uncommon and unique coverage choices on the list that we haven’t seen from other carriers in this guide. You should anticipate having to pay a little bit extra for your business insurance rates because of Chubb’s exceptional customer service and extensive selection of coverage options. Chubb is the best option for companies that want worldwide coverage. Consider Chubb for your insurance requirements if you’re travelling for work or conducting business outside of the United States.


Progressive, like most insurance firms, offers a variety of best business insurance packages and coverage options. They provide general liability, professional liability, cyber liability, workers’ compensation, and business owner’s insurance. Progressive’s expertise, though, is commercial vehicle insurance.

  • Insurance for trucks
  • Insurance for pickup trucks
  • Insurance for vans
  • Insurance for box trucks
  • Insurance for tow trucks
  • automobiles and SUVs.
  • Trailers for business

Progressive insures about one million business cars in the United States. Progressive can insure virtually any car used for business purposes. The most popular business auto insurance company in the country has pretty reasonable rates. The average commercial client spends $165 each month on their business vehicle at Progressive. If you pay your premiums in advance, you’ll even save 15%.

AmTrust Financial

AmTrust Financial is a best business insurance than some of the others on our list. State Farm or Liberty Mutual aren’t exactly household names. The Hartford and Travelers are both older than the firm. AmTrust Financial was founded in 1998, less than 25 years ago. Having said that, the firm has risen rapidly. They currently employ over 7,000 people in over 70 countries. AmTrust Financial isn’t attempting to compete with the world’s largest insurance companies.

They are instead concentrating on specialty solutions in the following industries:

  • Institutions of finance
  • Charitable organisations
  • Restaurants
  • Transportation

Overall, restaurant business insurance provides the best protection. AmTrust is familiar with the specific risks that come with running a restaurant. They’ll assist you in obtaining insurance that protects both your employees and your customers. However, not every eatery will be eligible for coverage. New restaurants, for example, with a large bar area, would have to look elsewhere if they wanted to open in a 25-year-old building.

Founder Shield

Another new and lesser-known startup is Founder Shield. They’ve only been in the insurance business for about ten years. Founder Shield, like AmTrust, is carving out a place in the realm of business insurance. Founder Shield focuses on offering startup coverage.

Popular coverage categories include:

  • insurance against crime.
  • insurance against cybercrime.
  • Insurance for intellectual property
  • Insurance for directors and executives
  • Liability insurance for fiduciaries
  • Insurance for representations and warranties
  • Insurance for key personnel
  • Product responsibility
  • insurance against pollution.

Founder Shield has more standard business insurance coverage than just general liability, workers’ compensation, and umbrella insurance. Founder Shield is a new approach to insurance. The entire purchase procedure is done online. This implies there is less paperwork and everything can be managed online. If your company is a high-growth tech startup, you might want to get a quote from Founder Shield.

Farmers Insurance

Farmers is a leader in the home, car, and life insurance industries. It is, nevertheless, an excellent option for business owners to explore. The business has been around for over a century. So you can rest assured that you’ll be getting great service from a reputable company. They have a nationwide network of 48,000 agents and 21,000 employees.

Farmers Insurance offers commercial coverage in the following areas:

  • Property Liability Crime
  • Compensation for autoworkers
  • Umbrella
  • Loss of control in life

Farmers covers a wide range of businesses, but I would suggest it to shop operators. You’ll be able to purchase coverage that protects you from things like theft, injuries, and loss of income for a reasonable price. Boutique store owners, dry cleaners, florists, and salons would love this option.


Individual vehicle insurance is what Allstate is best business insurance known for. While business insurance isn’t necessarily Allstate’s expertise or major emphasis, it is appropriate for some sectors and business types. The organisation delivers excellent customer service with courteous employees and completely customised programmes. Professional companies, healthcare, service enterprises, retail items, and food service are just a few of the industries where Allstate has coverage solutions.

Allstate’s top insurance coverage includes:

  • Commercial real estate
  • liability for a business.

You may add particular types of coverage to your plan when you obtain a quotation because all of the plans are customizable. Business and industry-specific requirements will differ. Real estate coverage and best business insurance for rental services are two of Allstate’s distinctive offerings. Since 1931, Allstate has been offering insurance. So you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting insurance from a reputable company.

Liberty Mutual

Another well-known name in the insurance market is Liberty Mutual. Small business insurance as well as mid-to-large business insurance are offered by the organisation. Liberty Mutual covers Fortune 500 companies as well. Liberty Mutual is a leading provider of business insurance for preferred property and liability. It has more than 50,000 employees and 800 locations all over the world.

Some of the best coverage options are as follows:

  • Insurance for equipment breakdown
  • Excess liability insurance
  • Insurance for general liability
  • Mergers and acquisitions in the inland marine and ocean marine sectors.
  • Umbrella
  • Administration by a third party
  • Compensation for employees
  • Liberty Mutual also works with a variety of industries.

However, it is one of the best insurance carriers for industrial and farm businesses. Liberty Mutual may personalize your insurance to protect your workers, customers, and business against unanticipated occurrences, from product recalls to errors and omissions coverage.

How to Choose the Best Business Insurance Company

You’ll need to learn how to limit your choices with so many organizations offering business insurance. When considering an insurance company, there are a few things to keep in mind. This is the approach we employ and suggest. When looking for the best business insurance policy, you may use the same criteria.

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