Top 10 Best Free Beat Making Software (Windows & Mac)

Do you enjoy music and want to make your own beats, but you don’t have free PC tools for Beat Making Software? If so, then you certainly need to read this message. We’re going to show you a list of some of the best and free Beat Making Software and online beat makers in this blog post, which will help you develop your skills.

For those who want to produce musical tunes both as their hobby and career, a Beat Making Software or app is a blessing nowadays. High-end services for music production come at an outrageous expense, which does not fit the budget of everybody.

Using a great free Beat Making Software in such situations will help you live your passion without adding an undue burden on your wallet. Fortunately, some of the best free Beat Making Software are available to render Beat, which does not bear a big price tag but does not cheat on important functionality at the same time.

In addition, in this article, we will address some of the top Beat making software that is appropriate for both beginners and more experienced music composers for Windows and Mac systems.

Best Beat Making Software for Windows & Mac

Check out our curated list below to learn about the best Beat Making Software to make your own high-quality music beats, if you fancy yourself a music lover.

1. Magix Music Maker – Compatible with Windows

Beat Making Software

One of the most common Beat Making Software for your piece of music is Magix Music Maker. It is most suitable for beginners and is commonly used in the world. So, Magix Music Maker is what you need if you are new to music making and have a fuzzy understanding of beats and tune formation. It is developed specifically for the Windows platform and comes with many useful and advanced features. To create amazing sound effects and beats, download it today.

On a 521 MB graphics and 2 GB RAM card unit, it can run easily and can build various types of sound pools. It also has a music guide for beginners as an additional bonus. All-in-all, it is one of the finest applications for PC music making that can currently be found on the internet.

Price:  Free



Beat Making

If you are searching for a free and amazing beat making app for your PC, then it may not be a smart idea for you to search for another LMMS. It is compliant with Debian, in addition to the Windows and Mac OS platforms.

The graphical gui offered by LMMS is mediocre, but this is well compensated for by its high-end functionality and functionalities. You can also use the voluminous sample tunes
database if desired when capturing music and making beats. OGG, Wav, etc. are various formats in which the final creation can be downloaded.

Price: Free


3. Musink

Beat Making

Musink is the next free beat-making app on our list. This method, trusted by millions of composers, comes with an easy-to-use notation editor that helps you to easily create beautiful music. Two versions are available of this software: Musink Lite & Musink Pro.

The paid version of Musink, along with a few specialised ones such as blueprint builder, looped replay, and MIDI system recordings, provides all the basic features. You can download the free and paid edition from the link below if you want to give this beautifully crafted music creator a try.

Price: Free to try Musink Lite, Musink Pro costs $60


4. Sonic Producer



Sonic Producer can be a decent alternative if you’re looking for a simple level beat making app. It also has a generous range of features to sell, but its total functionality is well behind other well-known brands. It runs on all Mac and Windows systems and comes with several beginner tutorial videos. READ: Top 10 Best Audio Sound Equalizer For Windows 10

Price: $35.99


5. OrDrumbox – Windows and Mac OS


Filled with many sophisticated and streamlined functions, orDrumbox is a good alternative for making Beat Making Software of music. It comes with an easy and user-friendly gui that promises effortless use. It also runs perfectly well on Linux OS, in addition to Windows and Mac OS. OrdrumBOX not only lets you create your songs, but also helps edit music beat files and save your final creation.

In addition, you can also upload your files to OrdrumBox for others to access your songs and rate them. OrdrumBOX is becoming a sensation among ardent music lovers with
its outstanding features, and should not be overlooked at any expense.

Price: Free


6. FL Studio – Windows and Mac OS

fl studio

The best rhythm music polishes your albums. To turn your musical ideas into striking hits, make use of FL Studios. It provides an outstanding way to capitalize on your love of music and people of all ages are strongly trusted.

Without a doubt, it is one of the most impressive applications that will boost the consistency of your song’s beats and sound effects. For those that are already in their phases of study, the function of their principles should be studied. Use this great app to build your musical songs, rhythms, tones, and tunes.

Price: $98 for Fruity Edition, $179 for Producer Edition, $399 for All Plugins Edition


7. Splice Beat Maker

Splice Beat Maker

Splice Beat Maker app can certainly be obtained by anybody who wants to create and exchange sequenced beats using loads of common samples and loops. You can edit the original sounds of your favorite artists (like KRNE, KSHMR, and more) with the aid of this top beat generator program with just one click of a button. For experienced music beat makers who are used to dealing with certain types of instruments, this online beat making app is recommended.

Price: $7.95 per month 


8. HammerHead Rhythm Station – Windows

HammerHead Rhythm Station

HammerHead would be a good choice if you are looking for world-class Beat Making Software apps that can help you develop music and have outstanding features. You can use its comprehensive guide to build good music tracks and beats for individuals who are new to this area. Beat Making Software app is available for Windows users only and allows to create incredible music beats.
The app is worth a shot, all-in-all.

Price: Free


9. BTV Solo – Mac and Windows

BTV Solo

BTV Solo is a stand-alone program for all lovers of music. Use it to create music beats, customize current tracks, and tweak samples of individual music. It comes with a range of handy editing software, built-in mixers, sound effects, and drum kits. The clean and clear UI means that it works seamlessly. Compatible for Mac and Windows as well.

Price: $10


10. MuseScore – Windows and Mac OS


This is another really famous and outstanding Beat Making Software. Its magnificent list of characteristics makes it an exceptional instrument for music lovers. Two of its most distinct deals are one with an enticing UI, and secondly, it includes all the learning resources required for any novice.

MuseScore is a quick and easy way to build beats of music and is a must-have for anyone who is inspired by music. Use it to record and edit your recordings, and in your
favourite format, like OGG, Wav, etc, you can download the final piece.

Price: Free version, $49 for Pro version



So, here is a well-researched review of Mac and Windows’ best Beat Making Software that will help you develop your music-making ability. The much-needed forum for ardent music lovers is created by this software; use one to capture, upload, and save your creations.

To make various types of beats and music compositions, compare each of the above program and then select the best-suited one. And, to keep updated and aware, subscribe to our newsletter. That’s it, as we’ll come back earlier with another tech blog for now to help you out. Creating your own beats till then!

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