What Are The Best Third-Party Backup Programs For Your Laptop?

Your laptop should automatically back up regularly. After all, you use it for crucial documents and data that would be catastrophic to lose. Now, your renters insurance might cover your laptop if it’s stolen or lost. But insurance can’t get you your data back.

Most people rely on the software that comes with their laptop or operating system to back up their data. This is not a bad thing in 2022, as Apple, Windows, and other operating systems do a great job.

There are a couple of problems with relying on your OS backup software. Firstly, you’re putting all of your eggs in one basket. Secondly, backing your data up is just one of many jobs done by your OS. Third-party providers that are focused on backups are more comprehensive and are more regularly updated to address any new issues.

It is also important to remember that hard backups are not a reliable option in 2022. Backing up to the cloud is far safer, as your backups won’t be lost if your hard drive is stolen or destroyed along with your laptop.

Here are the best third-party backup programs for your laptop.


IDrive is considered one of the best and most comprehensive cloud backup programs available. Don’t let the ‘I’ in its name fool you. IDrive is available for all platforms, including Windows and Android. It provides a vast array of tools for regular backups to the cloud (and to external devices if you so choose).

The biggest advantage of IDrive is that you can back up unlimited devices with just one account. This can include your computers and phones, as well as any other smart devices. Their main pricing plan provides 5TB of storage, which is more than enough for most individuals. They also have a very affordable business plan which costs just $99.50 a year and provides 250GB of storage as a way of consolidating all of your business data.

IDrive has very few cons, although uploading speeds can be slow and frustrating. The web interface can also be a bit clunky.

IDrive has a free plan which offers most of the same features as the paid plan, but it is worth splashing out the few dollars a month for full access.

Acronis Cyber Protect

Acronis is an incredibly comprehensive backup service for Windows and Mac with a focus on security. Not only will it back up all your data with ease, but it will also keep your laptop safe. Unlike IDrive, the amount of laptops backed up is limited to five, although that will be more than enough for most individual users.

The only real issue with Acronis is that its extensive features come at a price. Pricing plans are complicated and can get very expensive. Most individual users will not need all of the features in any case. If you’re interested in trying Acronis, they do offer a one-month free trial requiring no credit card details.

CrashPlan for Small Businesses

If you’re running your own small business, you are probably looking for a comprehensive backup program that does not cost an arm and a leg like most business backup software. CrashPlan is designed for people in your position and is an affordable option. While it is more expensive than IDrive’s business plan, it offers a lot more.

For $10 a month per computer, you get unlimited storage, which is necessary for data-heavy tech startups. This is in comparison to the 250GB in total you get from IDrive. Since it is designed for small businesses, it also has features that are more geared towards your needs. When it comes to securing data, small businesses should always look for software made for SMEs.

CrashPlan will serve all your needs with very little fuss. It will also provide secure encryption that keeps your data confidential at all times.

Using a third-party backup program is not strictly necessary in 2022, but it is recommended. Ultimately, the software that comes with your OS will do the job, but it will not provide the comprehensive features and frequent updates that dedicated backup software will.

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