Amazon Prime Accounts and Cookies [100% Working]

If you are searching for Amazon Prime Account, then you are in the right place. Today we are going to share the most awaited tricks, which are Amazon Prime Video Cookies. In this article, we are share and discuss each and everything related to Amazon Prime Cookies or Prime Cookies.

So please stay connected with us for a free Amazon Prime Video Account with Prime Cookies. The most important thing is that some sites provide old data of cookies, i.e., Amazon Prime account Cookies 2019, which are not working. We are providing the latest and updated Prime Video Cookies.

Cookies for amazon prime are the most valuable data that help you access the Free Amazon Prime Account. We are going to provide lots of Prime Video Cookies. You can copy and paste the cookies and can access the Free Amazon Prime Accounts.

Now we are discussing one by one each and everything related to amazon prime down. Please read the complete article because we are sharing essential words and things in every sentence.

Amazon Prime Account Cookies

Amazon Prime Cookies are small files that are stored on a user’s computer. Cookies are designed to hold a modest amount of essential data to a person or website and easily accessed by any person or web server.

It allows the server to deliver a page to a particular user and contains a script. Data is available in the form of cookies. Prime cookies are easy to use. We will share prime cookies in the post.

What is Amazon Prime Account?

Non-Geek persons may be wondering what a cookie is. Well, cookies are a small piece of data saved on your devices when you visit a website over the internet.

How do Amazon Prime Cookies work?

As I said earlier, cookies are a piece of data stored on your smartphones or computer. Now we will use a simple trick to copy cookies from the device and give you the link for cookies. So you can access prime video account.

Amazon Prime for PC and Mobile

So as I mentioned above, we will use a trick to make this Amazon Prime Cookies work. This trick is relatively easy for PC users, but using cookies on mobile is a little bit complicated. So the first step is the same for both the user copy the Amazon Prime cookies from below.

Amazon Prime Video Cookies

Prime Cookies and prime video cookies are both synonyms. This helps to access Amazon Prime Account Free and don’t need any Free Amazon Username and Password. Accessing Cookies, you must need to read the whole article and follow the article’s instruction that enables more chances to get an Amazon account.

Amazon Prime online entertainment platform where you can watch your favorite movies, web series, and many more. Prime version of the Amazon is the Paid. For Amazon Prime Membership Subscription, you need to pay $12.99/month and yearly $119. We are sharing the latest Prime Video Cookies for Medial class people. They are not able to afford such costs.

Features of Amazon Prime Video Free Cookies

Amazon Prime Accounts

  • is Easy to use and user friendly. In comparison to getting free account cookies, easy to access any account without login.
  • Amazon-Cookies are free of cost. So those who don’t want to spend single money on amazon prime accounts they can use cookies.
  • These cookies are 100% working and hourly updated.
  • You don’t need any Free Amazon Prime Accounts with a Username and password. You can use Amazon premium Account without login.
  • Watch HD Movies & Web series Free.

Hourly Updated Amazon Prime Video

As we know that Amazon Prime has lots of users, and it is the most popular platform for watching web series and movies. Here, on our website, we daily update the new cookies hourly basis so that you could get the best from our website. So connected with us on our website and Telegram Channel for daily updates and lots of information. Today PRIME VIDEO COOKIES

How To Watch Amazon Prime accounts Free On PC?

To watch Amazon Prime free by using cookies on the PC is very simple. Just follow all the steps mentioned below very carefully, and there a request from me that please don’t logout the account when you are logged in. This makes cookies unusable for the others.

  1. So, as many of you know, you first need to install the “Edit This Cookies”extension on your chrome browser from the link below. If you use Mozilla, you can Google it.

  1. Now visit the Amazon Prime Official Website form here.

  1. Click on Edit This Cookies extension appearing at the top right side of your browser.
  2. After that, click on the “Delete”button appearing at the first position from left. (May differ for you)
  3. Then click on the “Import”options to import the cookies you copied from above.
  4. Now, refresh the page. Congrat’s you are logged in; enjoy your favorite shows now.

How To Watch Amazon Prime Videos Free On Your Smartphones?

As I earlier said, this method is quite complicated. So you can skip this part and directly login account by copying the username and password from below. If you are still here, I appreciate it. Now follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. At first, You need to open PlayStore and install Yandex Browser on your smartphone.

Download Yandex Browser

  1. Now, the steps are almost similar to PC. Just install the “Edit This Cookies”extension from the link below by opening it on Yandex Browser.

  1. after that visit, Amazon Prime Video Official Website on your Yandex Browser.
  2. Then click on three dots at the bottom and search for extension and click on it.
  3. Now, “Delete”and “Import”cookies that you copied from above.
  4. Now refresh the page, and you will be logged in automatically.

Well, I hope now you are successfully logged in. Sit back and watch your favorite show now 100% free.

Note: Once you are logged in to an account, please don’t try to logout this makes cookies not usable to other people

Free Amazon Prime Videos Accounts

Here, I have shared a list of more than ten accounts for you. All these accounts are fully working and tested by me. As I said earlier, multiple people can access the account and watch videos from these accounts, so you don’t need to worry about anything.

Just copy the email address and password from below and paste it on the Amazon Prime Video app or website you will be logged in.

Amazon Prime Account Asking For Verification Fix:

Amazon Prime Accounts

If you are reading this post late, these accounts may be requesting for OTP or device verification. This error occurs just because there are more than ten users logged into the same account. So now, we will fix this error.

Solution 1:  click on verify through email on your device. I will provide you the OTP so you can successfully login.

Solution 2: Try to login through username and password that are shrunk and contain captcha verification because there is a high possibility that fewer people use these accounts.

Frequently Asked Question:

1. Amazon Prime Video Cookies Latest

You can download the latest cookies daily from this site. We are daily updated 100% functional cookies. With these cookies, you can access free Amazon Prime Account without paying any cost.

2. Amazon Prime Video Cookies Hack

These are working and hacked by unknown hackers. They hack 100% working cookies. We are generally collect the cookies for our users from globally available resources. We have daily updated these cookies on our site or telegram channel.

3. How do I get free Amazon Prime accounts?

You can get free cookies from our site. Here we have daily updated the cookies. These cookies are unique and working. You can also join our telegram channel for daily updated and more information. Also, above in the post, we are provided working prime video cookies.

4. How do I get Amazon Prime free in my lifetime?

No, you cannot use Amazon Prime Free for a lifetime because every plan is time-limited. You can stay connected with use with our site and telegram channel, where we daily share and create giveaways.

5. Why am I not sharing a Free Amazon Prime Video With username and password?

When we share the accounts, users change the password, and we face lots of problems. Multiple users can access cookies. Peoples cannot change the password because this is direct login without and username and password.


We are shared lots of information related to Prime Video Cookies. You can access by following the simple steps given above. If you face any issues or problems related to Prime Video Cookies, then mentioned in the comment section below.

We are always here for the solution to your problems. You can also stay connected with us on Telegram. Here we have daily updated Free Accounts and more tricks and tips. We hope now you all have access to a free Amazon Prime Account and cookies for amazon prime.

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