8 reasons to use pure CBD if you are an athlete

In the IRONMAN 70.3 world championship 2019, a famous American player was missing. Lauren Goss, ready and fit to play, was banned for six months straight from the competition. She also lost her key sponsors. Now she is thinking of retirement. Her only mistake was using a CBD cream as a pain reliever for her fractured foot.

If you see logically, her mistake was not using CBD cream but a cream containing THC ( even in small amounts ). So, before understanding the use of CBD for athletes, it is vital to note that athletes should only use pure CBD.

There are several ways you can intake CBD, like pure CBD hemp capsules, cream with pure CBD, Hemp-derived pure CBD gummies, etc. if you are not aware of its use for athletes.

Use of Pure CBD For Athlete

You might feel surprised to know that cannabinoid is already there in the human body. However, when CBD binds with the receptor of the endocannabinoid system, it multiplies its effect. In the case of athletes, the stress on the body is relatively higher than an average human. Thus, their inflammation or pain can go higher than what the endocannabinoid system can hold.

Thus, there are various reasons for you to use pure CBD hemp capsules. Some of them are:

  • CBD Helps in Reducing Sports Stress

Stress and sports are closely related. Athletes give more priority to their muscles and bones more than most humans in the world. Before the performance day, they acquire mental stress. So, in a way, you can say that sports themselves are stressful. But what is stress?

Emotional or mental tension or strain because of demanding situations or adverse conditions is called stress. According to Hanse Selye, a thinker, an endocrinologist, whenever you try to change your body, it gives a nonspecific response. That response is known as stress.

It is difficult for athletes to maintain a balance between rest and training. However, pure CBD hemp capsules help a lot. It reduces stress. So, you can easily continue your training or practice without facing many negative responses from the body.

  • CBD Works as Adaptogen

Do you know about adaptogen? According to DR. Brenda Powell, a medical professional of the Center for investigative and lifestyle medicine, adaptogens are herbs and plants that are non-toxic. They help the human body to return to neutrality.

According to a study on adaptogens conducted in 1969, adaptogens should be naturally stimulating without any side effects. CBD works similarly. So it joins the list of some famous and traditional adaptogens like echinacea and reishi mushrooms.

After the workout sessions, athletes go through a loss of their glycogen ( sugar or starch in the human body is stored in the form of glycogen. It gives energy to the athletes while performing heavy work) collection, breakdown of muscle protein, high cortisol level, and sometimes high temperature. CBD reacting with the endocannabinoid system recovers the losses and brings you back to normal in significantly less time.

  • CBD Helps to Get a Better Sleep

The famous and one of the most loved athletes, Swiss Tennis player, Roger Federer confessed that he tries to take 11 to 12 hours of sleep to keep things going right. Sufficient sleep plays a vital role in an athlete’s life. More rest gives their muscles more time to recover.

Various factors prevent healthy sleep in humans. CBD sleep oil with CBN is a great help to them. Don’t get surprised if you get a good sleep on the first day of your pure CBD intake. A survey of CBD users proved that most CBD consumers use CBD for various medical purposes, including sleep disorders. It also reported that almost 36% of the consumers confessed that CBD works well by treating their medical conditions.

CBD reduces the number of hormones like cortisol that interfere with healthy sleep. Thus, giving you a comfortable and sufficient rest.

  • CBD Helps in Relaxing Muscles

Being an Athlete, you are well aware of the post-training or workout feelings. You face soreness and cramps because lactate influences your muscles. The consequence is an inability to perform regular activities like walking, climbing stairs, etc.

CBD affects the stimulation of one of the critical neurotransmitters of the nervous system, GABA-A receptors. This receptor is responsible for calming the body. Thus, CBD promotes muscle relaxation by affecting GABA-A receptors.

For active users, CBD brings another set of benefits. It reduces joints and muscle-related health issues. According to Charles Bush-Joseph, foam rolling, icing, and stretching combined with CBD is an excellent treatment for conditions like iliotibial band syndrome.

  • CBD Lowers Anxiety

One of the most approaching benefits of CBD is, it reduces anxiety levels. It helps to calm both acute and chronic anxiety. Even if you get anxious about going to a party, CBD helps you to get the balance over your mind.

Athletes get a great benefit from it. Most athletes suffer from anxiety before training or stage performance. This anxiety can drastically affect their competition. But CBD reduces this anxiety to a great level, enhancing their performance.

For anxiety, it is better to take full spectrum pure CBD instead of isolated ones. It is because they contain other essential substances, such as flavonoids and terpenes, found in hemp. These compounds enhance the work of CBD producing higher effects.

  • CBD acts as an Alternative to Opioids

Undoubtedly, opioids are good pain relievers but pose a high risk of addiction. This addiction results in overdosing, ultimately causing death in many cases.

CBD is not as effective as opioids but certainly safer than it. It is also great for relieving acute and chronic pains.

  • CBD Reduces Inflammation

Increased inflammation in athletes can create an obstacle in their performance and recovery process. Although CB2 receptor ( a part of the endocannabinoid system present in the periphery and brain) reduces inflammation, it is more concentrated in the immune system.

When CBD binds with these receptors, they act as anti-inflammatory agents. They reduce the stimulation of cell messengers known as a cytokine, ultimately reducing inflammation.

  • CBD Increases Appetite

Sports performance requires a good amount of energy. Thus, your diet should contain carbohydrates. Sometimes, your appetite may reduce because of stress or anxiety. In such situations, CBD helps to keep your diet balanced.

These are some of the reasons to use CBD for an athlete.


CBD provides a lot of benefits for athletes. However, try to stay extremely careful in your intake of CBD. You should only prefer a reliable site that can provide you pure CBD or, you might face unwanted consequences.

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