3 Effective Ways to Use Tech to Improve Customer Experience

The customer experience is something that has a huge effect on a company’s bottom line. While you may be able to attract customers to your business for the first purchase, without a positive customer experience, they won’t return. And unfortunately, negative experiences are often shared with friends and contacts, which can then further hurt the company. What this means is that improving the customer experience should always be a priority, and there are some effective ways to use tech to accomplish this goal.

Automation Tools Can Make a Huge Difference

One of the best ways to leverage tech is to take advantage of the many automated tools that exist. These tools can improve the customer experience drastically, and even give you an edge over the competition. Some examples of the best automated tools to use include:

  1. An automated callback feature, where a customer service representative will contact the customer when one becomes available rather than making them sit on hold
  2. Chatbots to help answer customer questions in a quick and efficient manner
  3. Giving customers the ability to create an account so they can store details means they don’t have to type it in each time they place an order

There are plenty of other automated tools that can have a positive impact as well, it’s a matter of assessing your company’s and customer’s needs.

Streamline the Return Process with Software Solutions

Returns are something businesses don’t want to have a lot of, but the fact is that customers do returns merchandise for a variety of reasons. The process needs to be simple, quick, secure, and smooth for both the customer and the business involved. You don’t want to make it a 20 step process that ends up frustrating customers so much they never do business with you again.

This will require efficient RMA management software, which can improve the entire return process from start to finish. The result is a satisfied customer and a simple process for the business to deal with.

Engage on Social Media

For companies that haven’t embraced the age of social media, it’s time to get with the times and become active on the top platforms. Using social media for your business will allow you to increase visibility and brand awareness, promote new products and special deals, share helpful guides and tips, and perhaps most importantly – engage with customers.

For your social media presence to prove fruitful, you’ll need to make an effort to post regularly, post relevant and interesting content, and make sure that you respond to customers/followers promptly. This is exactly why mid to large-sized companies have dedicated social media staff, who spend time on the platforms all day long.

Technology Is One of the Best Tools to Use

When working to improve the customer experience in your company, it’s important to acknowledge what a big role technology plays and how it can streamline and improve processes. It’s wise to take stock of your current efforts, assess how they are working for your company, and look for ways to make improvements and advancements.

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